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Sam (Samieh) S. Rizk, M.D., F.A.C.S. Director of Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery

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What type of activities should I avoid after a facelift? For how long?

Following your facelift you will be in some discomfort and will need to rest for a few days. During this time you probably won’t feel like participating in many of your normal everyday activities.

That being said, you should avoid washing your hair for a least a couple of days. Also avoid makeup for about a week.

Most importantly, you will need to avoid any strenuous activity, including vigorous exercise, until the swelling has gone down. This can take about four to six weeks. Swelling should subside enough for you to engage in some social activities within a week to two weeks.

Talk to Dr. Rizk to learn more about what you can do to encourage a speedy recovery following facelift.



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