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Sam (Samieh) S. Rizk, M.D., F.A.C.S. Director of Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery

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Who is the best facelift surgeon or doctor in the United States or America?

How does a plastic surgeon become classified as one of the best face lift surgeons in the USA? The question is subjective, of course, and will depend upon each patient’s individual experience with their surgeon. There are times, however, when a plastic surgeon reaches a point where he or she is considered to among the best face lift surgeons in America. Only a select few facial plastic surgeons will ever be considered a part of this elite group and those who are share similar characteristics.

High Levels of Patient Satisfaction
The best face lift surgeons in the United States achieve high levels of patient satisfaction year after year. Our New York plastic surgeon consistently receives rave reviews and high satisfaction ratings from his patients. A patient rates their satisfaction by considering a number of things. Patients want excellent results and they want to see the changes they requested. They also want to feel comfortable before, during, and after surgery. And, in the rare event that complications arise, they want to feel that they received the best care. Patient satisfaction is more likely to occur when patients are knowledgeable and well informed about their face lift. Our doctor takes his time with each patient to ensure that they fully understand the procedure and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved.

The Highest Levels of Training, Education, and Experience
The best face lift surgeon in America will have received advanced certifications in facial plastic surgery that are based upon his education background, ongoing training, and his years of experiencing performing plastic surgery. Dr. Rizk is double-board certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Double-board certification is only achieved by a small number of facial plastic surgeons and indicates that the surgeon is among the top doctors in the field.

Advanced Skill in Performing Facelifts
Facelifts are complicated procedures that require the best face lift surgeon to have an advanced set of skills to ensure success. Each patient has a unique facial structure, so no two procedures are alike. Based upon many years of training and experience, Dr. Rizk has a number of techniques that he utilizes when performing facelifts. He draws upon his skillset, education, and experience to tailor his facelifts and thereby can provide natural, unique results to each patient. In addition, our surgeon uses the best technologies, such as 3D high definition telescopes, to support him as he operates.

Excellent Rapport with Patients
Skill, training, and experience are vital components that help ensure the success of a facelift. Of equal importance is the surgeon’s rapport with his patients. From the very first appointment, the best face lift surgeon will make his patients feel comfortable and confident about their procedure. He will take the time to answer any and all questions and will not put any pressure on the patient during the consultation. In the days leading up to the facelift, the surgeon will reassure a nervous patient and calm their nerves before they enter surgery, if needed. Afterwards, the best surgeon dutifully checks on his patients to make sure they are recovering normally and feeling comfortable. During all post-operative appointments, the surgeon will verify that the desired results have been achieved and address any unforeseen complications quickly and competently. Many of our patients remark at how comfortable they feel with Dr. Rizk. They appreciate the amount of time he spends with them before surgery to answer their questions and fully explain the face lift before moving forward.

Not all facelift surgeons can be considered among the best in America. It takes years of training, ongoing education, and consistent results to reach this level. To learn more about how you can benefit from our doctor’s extraordinary skill set, please contact us at our New York office today.



Castle Connolly, the most respected major healthcare research company, has ranked Dr. Rizk one of America's Best Doctors

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