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Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Individual results and healing process varies depending on skin thickness, other factors, and in revision surgery, amount of scar tissue.

Laser Resurfacing Stem Cell Fat Male before
Laser Resurfacing Stem Cell Fat Male after
35 yo male who requested a more youthful cheek and forehead. Patient underwent stem cell autogenous fat transfer (fat grafting) from the abdominal fat into the temple and cheek area. Note the hollowing in the cheek/eye area is much improved as well as the sinking of the sides of forehead. This technique with stem cell fat grafting has a rejuvenating effect which is more than just volume. The stem cell regenerate the youthful glow and youthful look to the cheeks and the skin of the face.

*Results may vary.
Laser Resurfacing Stem Cell Fat before picture
Laser Resurfacing Stem Cell Fat after picture
55 year old female who underwent stem cell fat transplantation to the cheek area. Patient looks more youthful and the cheeks look fuller.

*Results may vary.
Disclaimer: The images viewed on this page are actual patients of Dr. Rizk who have given consent to show their images on this website. Dr. Rizk respects the privacy of his patients and has blocked the eyes to conceal some of his patient's identities.

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