When a rhinoplasty isn’t performed correctly or under/over correction occurs, problems such as pollybeak deformities or other nasal abnormalities can arise. A pollybeak deformity causes the nose to resemble a parrot’s beak and is a characteristic that requires revision rhinoplasty for correction. New York board-certified facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty expert Dr. Sam Rizk recently performed secondary rhinoplasty on a patient who is rather excited to share her results.

Though still at the one-week mark, the patient is delighted to be rid of the pollybeak deformity and is already enjoying a more harmonious facial balance. Dr. Rizk, a top NYC cosmetic surgeon, corrected her drooping nasal tip and refined the nose to gain a more symmetrical appearance. By reducing fullness above the nasal tip and working carefully on the patient’s nose, the doctor and highly trained medical team were able to guarantee beautiful aesthetic results. Though the patient is still naturally swollen at the 6-day mark of rhinoplasty recovery, she is ecstatic to see improved aesthetic results.