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Broken Nose/Nasal Fracture

Dr. Rizk frequently consults with patients in New York who have suffered from a broken nose, also referred to as a nasal fracture. Due to the delicate structure of the nose and the way in which it protrudes from the face, nasal fractures are one of the most commonly occurring facial injuries. Left untreated, a broken nose can severely impact the individual's ability to breathe and significantly alter his or her appearance. If you think you have broken your nose, it is important to seek medical attention to get a proper diagnosis.

Nasal fractures are caused by impact trauma to the face. They commonly occur as a result of a sports injury, fighting, automobile accidents, or a fall. Individuals who participate in high impact sports, such as rugby or boxing, are more likely to experience a broken nose during sports. The elderly are more susceptible to broken noses, as their bones tend to be weaker and they are more likely to fall as a result of impaired balance. The symptoms of a nasal fracture may include one or several of the following: swelling, bleeding, bruising around the nose and eyes, pain and tenderness, and an altered appearance of the nose. Your doctor will diagnose a broken nose through a physical examination or, in more severe and complex cases, an X-Ray or CT scan.

Not all nasal fractures require surgical intervention. In fact, most cases of minor nasal fractures are treated with just ice, pain medication, and time. In some cases, your doctor may manually realign your nose immediately after the accident and then allow it to heal naturally. The difficulty, however, is determining whether you have suffered from a minor or a complex nasal fracture. For this reason, it is very important to see a doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of a broken nose. Without proper treatment, even a minor fracture could result in impaired breathing and physical deformities later in life. With complex fractures, the septum may become deviated and the nose may be visibly crooked and deformed.

A broken nose can be repaired soon after the fracture or many years later. If your nasal fracture requires surgical treatment, you may wish to consult with Dr. Rizk in NYC. He is highly experienced in repairing broken noses and can help restore your previous look. Men are more likely to suffer from nasal fractures than women, as they tend to be more involved in high impact sports and activities. Men have a unique set of goals when undergoing a nose job to correct a nasal fracture. In most cases, they do not want their nose to be significantly altered from its original appearance. Rather, they simply want the form and function of their nose restored to its previous state. Dr. Rizk is acutely aware of the goals of patients who seek to correct a broken nose.

Dr. Rizk has the training and experience required to successfully treat nasal fractures. Whether you have recently broken your nose or if the injury occurred many years ago, he will be able to improve your breathing ability and appearance through a nose job to correct the fracture. Please contact our NYC office to learn more about treating your nasal fracture.

Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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