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Secondary Facelift

Anyone who has had a facelift may eventually need to have a follow-up or “secondary” facelift procedure. The second procedure is more complicated than primary facelift surgery because the primary facelift leaves behind scar tissue, and for other reasons, too. As a result it is imperative that secondary facelift patients select an experienced, board certified facial plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

Let’s take a look at what a secondary facelift entails and how you can find the right surgeon to perform your procedure.

What Does Secondary Facelift Address?

Secondary facelift can treat a variety of concerns, including an overly “tight” appearance, lack of definition, scarring or a “windblown” appearance, which can occur is the hairline is pulled up too far. The procedure can also address aesthetic issues that were not addressed in the initial procedure.

Other than these issues, secondary facelift is generally performed for the same reasons as a primary facelift, such as:

  • Sagging in the mid-face
  • Deep creases extending from the nose to the corner of the mouth
  • Fat that has descended or disappeared altogether over time
  • Deep creases underneath the lower eyelids
  • Jowls caused by lack of skin tone
  • Loose skin or excess fatty deposits under the chin and jaw

Going into surgery with realistic expectations is very important, and this is particularly true with revisional surgeries like secondary facelift. Facial plastic surgeons are very careful to make sure that patients considering this procedure understand the issues involved — namely the fact that, because their tissues do not have the same integrity they had prior to the patient’s primary facelift surgery, achieving a flawless result is unrealistic. It is always harder to perform surgery on an area that has previously been operated on.

Recovering from Secondary Facelift

When your procedure has been completed a bandage will be placed around your face. This will reduce swelling as well as bruising. Your surgeon will give you instructions for caring for the treatment area and drains, and will provide you with any medications needed to help you heal properly and minimize your risk of infection. Your instructions will also list things you should monitor during your recovery.

What to Look for in a Surgeon

Sometimes it’s OK to go back to the surgeon that performed your first procedure. For example, if something is slightly off, the original surgeon may be able to touch it up. However, if there is disfigurement, or if you are very unhappy with the results, it’s time to start looking for a different surgeon.

It’s important to seek out a surgeon that specializes in secondary facelift and other forms of facelift. Your surgeon should have a track record of results and should be able to show that he or she is committed to safety and optimal care. The surgeon should be experienced not only in facial plastic surgery but more specifically with complicated cases, including secondary facelift cases. It’s also important that your surgeon performs facelift and secondary facelift on an ongoing basis. He or she should have a high rate of patient satisfaction and should use state-of-the-art equipment to better ensure safety and precision, and to reduce downtime.

Why You Choose Dr. Rizk for Your Secondary Facelift

Dr. Sam Rizk has extensive experience performing secondary facelift surgery. He evaluates each patient taking into consideration factors unique to the individual in order to be able to inform the patient if the timing is good.

Dr. Rizk will only perform surgery on people he believes are good candidates for secondary facelift. If he feels, for example, that a follow-up procedure will fail to achieve your goals, he will inform you of this opinion. There are many other factors, too, that can potentially render you unfit for secondary facelift surgery. The only way to know for sure is to schedule an appointment with an experienced board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Do you think you might be a good candidate for secondary facelift? If you had your first facelift 10 years ago or more, it may be time to see a surgeon. Techniques have evolved, so you may be able to achieve an even better facelift the second time around.

To learn more, contact Dr. Rizk’s office today.

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