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Dr. Rizk's Facelift Technique

No two facelifts are the same; Dr. Rizk always tailors his facelift techniques to the unique needs of each patient. However, regardless of the facelift technique used, the goal is the same: to encourage a rapid recovery, with results that are lasting and appear natural. Dr. Rizk describes his approach to facelift as a “face edit.” Rather than attempting to change the face, he “edits” it to achieve a more youthful version.

Dr. Rizk’s full facelift technique is distinguished by fact that it addresses deeper tissue by going beneath the muscle and then sliding it back to its former position. By going further beneath the muscle, this method results in less swelling and bruising. It also leads to better scar healing, because there is less tension placed on the outer layers of skin. Once the deeper tissue has been lifted, excess skin is trimmed away before sutures are placed.

Patients typically seek out Dr. Rizk for facelift procedures because they are experiencing severe drooping that cannot be addressed through less-invasive treatments. This can occur in a patient’s 40s, 50s or 60s, when the effects of sun damage, genetics and/or gravity set in. For younger patients, Dr. Rizk often uses less-invasive forms of facelift.

Facelifts performed by Dr. Rizk achieve a soft, natural look and provide definition to the neck and jaw, while avoiding an overly tight look. For more information on Dr. Rizk’s facelift technique, contact his office today.

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Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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