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How Does Dr. Rizk Tighten Loose Skin On The Face And Neck After Extreme Weight Loss?

A number of changes may occur following extreme weight loss. In addition to the obvious body changes that may need to be corrected through plastic surgery, there are often noticeable physical changes to the face and neck. The face often becomes slack, the buccal fat pads in the cheeks descend, jowls may form, the jawline may become less defined and the neck may appear saggy and loose.

Luckily, a facelift combined with neck lift can address these issues. During this combination procedure, extra skin is excised and the remaining skin and musculature is tightened. In addition, the buccal fat pads may be lifted, jowls will be eliminated and any additional fat deposits that are resistant to dieting may be removed. The incisions, which are usually quite small, are made in front of and behind the ears and extend into the hair.

Patients interested in undergoing post-bariatric facelift, neck lift or body contouring procedures may be advised to wait for about a year following major weight loss. Time is often needed to address nutritional issues stemming from the loss of weight; it may be necessary to attend nutritional counseling. It is also important that a patient’s weight stabilizes prior to undergoing post-bariatric procedures.

Results of facelift and neck lift after extreme weight loss can vary due to individual factors such as skin quality. For example, those with poor skin elasticity should expect to see a return of sagging skin at some point.

For more information on having procedures to improve your appearance following major weight loss, contact Dr. Rizk today.

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Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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