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Male Neck Lift

Procedures to define and rejuvenate the neck are becoming increasingly popular among the male population. In fact, these procedures are among the most common cosmetic surgeries performed on men in New York. When Dr. Rizk consults with men who desire a rejuvenation of the neck area, he is sensitive to the goals and concerns of the male patient, which are quite different than those of female patients. Men tend to be just as unhappy about “turkey neck” as women, but they usually desire a different outcome than women. Moreover, men do not usually request a facelift along with their neck lift, whereas this is quite a common combination in female patients. As such, it takes one of the best facial plastic surgeons in New York to successfully perform a necklift on a male patient. Men who are considering a necklift should consult with a doctor who is experienced in performing male neck lifts, such as our NYC plastic surgeon.

As early as the late 30s, men may begin to notice that their chin and jawline have become less defined. The skin may begin to sag slightly and extra fatty tissue may begin to accumulate beneath the chin. In their late 40s to early 50s, men will experience visible sagging of the neck skin. As the years progress, the skin will begin to sag more, as collagen production decreases and the effects of gravity take their toll. As the platysma (the neck muscles) loosens, vertical bands form around the neck. The sagging skin and vertical bands that form around the neck are often referred to as “turkey neck,” a physical effect that occurs in men and women alike. In addition, fat deposits may accumulate around and beneath the jawline, resulting in a drooping and unattractive contour of the area between the face and neck. All men age differently and some male patients will present with more severe signs of aging than others, which can be attributed to genetics, lifestyle choices such as smoking or consuming alcohol, and exposure to the sun.

Many men become sensitive about the appearance of their neck as they age and wish to correct the signs of aging, while retaining a natural and masculine appearance. There are a variety of techniques and approaches that can be used to correct the signs of aging on a man’s neck. Dr. Rizk has been helping male patients in New York and New Jersey achieve the more defined, rejuvenated neck that they desire through a male neck lift. His experience performing neck lifts on both male and female patients has made him acutely aware of the different needs of both genders. In order to avoid a pulled look, which may feminize the male neck, Dr. Rizk typically operates under the neck muscles to lift the deeper tissues and slide them into a more youthful position. This provides a natural look that cannot be achieved by tightening and lifting only the superficial skin. In some cases, Dr. Rizk may perform liposuction on specific areas to remove excess fat deposits that appear beneath the chin. This produces a smoother, more defined neck and jawline by eliminating areas of hanging fat and skin. Some men also request rejuvenation of the lower face through a mini-facelift and/or chin implants to improve the strength and definition of the face.

There are a variety of ways that the aging male face can be rejuvenated and enhanced without feminizing it or producing an unnatural effect. Furthermore, Dr. Rizk has pioneered rapid recovery techniques that allow his NJ and NYC patients to return to work and normal activities as soon as possible, as a speedy return to a normal routine is a top concern for men. As with all of his procedures, Dr. Rizk utilizes advanced imaging technology to provide the best results possible to his patients. Through the use of 3D telescopes, our surgeon is able to clearly view the underlying structures of the face so that he can operate precisely and accurately. Through the combination of his experience, skill, and use of advanced technology, Dr. Rizk offers optimal results to his male neck lift patients.

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