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Non-Surgical Nose Job

When people hear the term "nose job," the immediate impression is one of invasive surgery and significant downtime. While effective in achieving cosmetic goals, rhinoplasty may not be an attractive option for everyone because it may take up to a year to see results. A non-surgical rhinoplasty relies on the use of dermal injections to achieve the desired nose shape. For unwanted bumps or nasal asymmetry, these fillers can often provide an effective temporary fix. A popular filler is a mineral naturally found in bones and teeth, called calcium hydroxylapatite, marketed as Radiesse. When delivered subcutaneously to the nose, it creates a niche for surrounding cells to populate and produce collagen, essentially creating a new supplementary structure. The results of Radiesse were immediately apparent and were maintained at six-month follow-up evaluations.

The procedure itself typically lasts fifteen minutes, and normally has absolutely no downtime afterwards. However, because non-surgical rhinoplasty calls only for injections, it is purely an augmentative procedure. For noses that require narrowing or reduction, non-surgical rhinoplasty cannot be performed. This procedure cannot correct any breathing difficulties or other nasal problems caused by structural deformities. For broken or crooked noses, deviated septa, and more significant changes to the nose, surgical rhinoplasty must be performed.

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that requires an expert facial plastic surgeon who can safely and significantly improve the appearance of the nose by either reducing or reshaping it. Dr. Sam Rizk is one of only a few double-board certified facial plastic surgeons and a rhinoplasty specialist capable of delivering great results that can be natural looking. Our doctor has performed rhinoplasty to remove bumps, correct nose related injuries, birth defects and breathing problems due to sinuses or deviated septums. Our doctor is well experienced in understanding facial aesthetics and ethnic noses, and can help you understand how the nose and other facial features work together to achieve facial harmony. He will give you a better of idea of what may or may not work to address your concerns.

While non-surgical rhinoplasty is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and versatility, it is only a temporary solution for most problems. Consider a rhinoplasty with our New York rhinoplasty surgeon who can not only correct nasal deformities, but can also help you achieve a nose that balances your overall appearance. A surgical rhinoplasty can provide an effective and life time solution to your aesthetic goals without the concern of getting filler follow-ups every few months. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rizk at his New York office to discuss your cosmetic concerns and decide whether a rhinoplasty is the ideal procedure to provide you with the results you desire.

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