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Plastic Surgery for the Nose

Over the years the technical and technological advancements in nasal plastic surgery have allowed for faster procedures, shorter downtime and more refined results. Given the rise of TV shows like “Nip / Tick” that made plastic surgery more acceptable in the general population, these procedures are becoming more popular as a way to better compete with peers at work for high positions as well as a quick solution to individuals who are unhappy with their look.

The three most common surgeries for the nose are rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and sinus surgery. Dr. Samieh Rizk of NYC was voted a ‘Top Doctor’ by his peers for the fourth time. He is considered an expert in nose surgery, both for cosmetic purposes and to fix breathing issues. Some of the most common reasons for patients to undergo each of these three procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty is typically for people who wish to improve the overall appearance of their nose. Dr. Rizk will often reshape, reduce or augment the nose in order to improve the patient’s look. Rhinoplasty can be done as an outpatient procedure with local or general anesthetic and usually takes less than two hours.
  • Revision rhinoplasty is suitable for people who have already had a rhinoplasty in the past and feel that their nose needs to be further augmented or that the surgery was not done correctly in the first place and some aesthetic/functional issues should be fixed. This procedure takes a bit longer as cartilage or bone need to be rebuilt or replaced entirely.
  • Sinus surgery is not a plastic surgery procedure. While rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty may also be done to treat breathing difficulties, sinus surgery is used to solve serious cases of breathing problems, usually due to sinusitis where a deviated septum or nose polyps do not allow the pathways to clean as they normally do. This type of blockage can worsen with time, requiring a surgery.

Any of the three procedures should be completed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Rizk to ensure obtaining good results. Dr. Rizk is considered an expert in his field in NYC due to a combination of his attention to detail as well as the usage of innovative strategies and technologies for the procedure, many of which he created himself. Advanced solutions he devised, such as small telescopes with high definition cameras which are connected to a large television screen are used in surgery to give Dr. Rizk a detailed view before and during the procedure. He lists the following three main advantages to his techniques:

  • Correct diagnosis prior to the procedure. If you require sinus surgery or any procedure to treat breathing difficulties you want to know which procedure is the right one to do and by using these devices during consultation, Dr. Rizk can determine the best course of action.
  • Better results from each nose procedure. Since plastic surgery is done with more attention to detail using this technology, the results are more precise and match patient expectations.
  • Thanks to Dr. Rizk’s innovative techniques, patients benefit from a much shorter recovery time compared with more traditional techniques, usually only lasting seven days.

Please contact our NYC office if you are ready to schedule a consultation for plastic surgery for the nose. Dr. Rizk specializes in facial plastic surgery and performs many nose procedures each week. He is a double board certified plastic surgeon and a noted speaker at international physician conventions. Fill out the short contact form on the left column or call us at 212-452-3362.

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