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The results of your rhinoplasty procedure will last a lifetime. Once the swelling has completely reduced, which can take up to a year, there is no “maintenance” required. However, there are several potential concerns and things you should be aware of.

One thing to remember is that your nose, like any other part of the face, will continue to descend and age. Don’t expect to have the nose of a 20-year-old the rest of your life.

It takes about six weeks for the nose itself to heal. During this time, it is crucial that you avoid contact sports or any direct trauma. You may be able to participate in non-contact sports after about three weeks, depending on your specific situation and the progress of your healing.

Some surgeons recommend that their rhinoplasty patients avoid travel for at least a week, if not longer. Flying after rhinoplasty is not likely to cause any major discomfort. However, lifting baggage – and the overall hustle and bustle of travel – put your unhealed nose at risk of harm.

Following your nose surgery you will need to avoid sun exposure for up to six weeks. During the rhinoplasty procedure the nasal skin is lifted and stretched to access the nasal bone. The skin needs time to recover from this. Sunburns damage the outermost layer of skin, in turn making it difficult for the already traumatized nasal skin to heal. Moreover, the lymphatics, or vessels that transport fluid from the skin and inner structures of the nose, are fragile and require a few months to recover following rhinoplasty.

There is also a risk of complications. These include the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Skin problems (including necrosis, or tissue death)
  • Irritation from bandages and tape
  • Holes in the septum (the wall between the nostrils)
  • Infection (your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to prevent this)
  • Nasal blockage from swelling
  • Anesthesia complications

And of course, it is always possible that you won’t like the results of your surgery. For this reason, it is very important that you discuss your suitability for rhinoplasty with Dr. Rizk prior to undergoing this appearance- and life- changing procedure.

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