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Revision Rhinoplasty Cost

Patients in New York and New Jersey who are considering revision rhinoplasty will likely be interested to know how much secondary rhinoplasty costs in their area. Similar to primary rhinoplasty, the cost of revision rhinoplasty is dependent upon a number of factors. The cost of any rhinoplasty will be unique, varying due to the complexity of the procedure being performed and other external factors. Revision rhinoplasty tends to be more expensive than a primary rhinoplasty due to the experience and skill required to successfully perform this difficult procedure. The best nose job surgeon will ensure that you receive an accurate quote for your rhinoplasty and that you fully understand the components that make up the total cost of the procedure.

When you underwent your primary rhinoplasty, you should have been given breakdown of three main fees that determine the price of your nose job. These same fees must be established to determine the price of a secondary rhinoplasty. The total cost for a revision nose job includes:

  • The surgeon’s fee, which will be calculated based upon the type of rhinoplasty being performed and the revisions required. Typically senior surgeons who have more specialized experience will charge a higher fee than more junior surgeons.
  • The anesthesia fee, which encompasses the fee for the anesthetist and the medications that will be used.
  • The operating facility fee that is charged by the surgical center. This fee may vary based upon the length of your surgery and whether an overnight stay is required (rare for rhinoplasty).

Added together, these three fees will define the cost of your secondary rhinoplasty, which will be a unique amount based upon the details of your specific procedure. When comparing the costs for secondary rhinoplasty throughout the United States, you should be aware that fees for each of these components tend to be higher in major metropolitan areas, such as NYC and NJ. You should also consider the costs that will not be included in the secondary rhinoplasty fee. For example, painkillers, antibiotics, ice packs, and bandages may need to be purchased to aid your recovery.

Patients frequently ask us if their health insurance will cover the cost of a revision nose job. We give patients the same advice for both primary and revision rhinoplasty – health insurance may cover procedures that are performed to correct or improve nasal function (for example, to straighten a deviated septum and improve the patient’s ability to breathe through the nose). Dr. Rizk often consults with patients who seek a revision nose job to repair nasal damage caused by the original nose job. If the procedure will be performed to correct such damage, it may be covered by health insurance. A revision rhinoplasty that is performed solely to improve or correct the cosmetic appearance of the nose is not likely to be covered by medical insurance. We will work with you and your medical insurance company to determine if any portion of your secondary rhinoplasty can be covered.

In order to understand exactly how much your secondary rhinoplasty will cost, please contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Rizk. During your examination, he will review your nasal anatomy, discuss your medical history, and gain an understanding of your goals for the surgery. After this, he will be able to give you an exact quote for the surgery.

Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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