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Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery

Patients who are considering revision rhinoplasty often ask our New York surgeon what to expect during their recovery period. As revision rhinoplasty candidates have already undergone rhinoplasty at least once, they have a good idea of what the recovery period entails. Patients who had a bad experience during the recovery period of their first rhinoplasty may wonder if they will experience the same problems after their secondary nose job. Our surgeon takes the time to ensure that his patients understand what should occur during their recovery period. He provides each patient with a detailed list of post-surgical instructions to follow. By following these instructions, the patient is more likely to experience a comfortable, complication-free recovery period.

Revision rhinoplasty tends to be a less painful procedure than primary rhinoplasty. Most patients experience very little pain during their recovery period. As with a primary nose job, patients will be given pain medications to manage any pain and discomfort during their recovery period. Antibiotics will also be prescribed to prevent infection following the surgery. The amount of swelling and bruising that the patient experiences will depend upon their body’s response to surgery and the extent of revisions being performed. Patients may experience more or less swelling and bruising than they did during the primary rhinoplasty. The best nose job surgeon will help their patients understand what to expect during the recovery period. While it is impossible to predict exactly how a person’s body will respond to surgery, an experienced doctor will be able to give their patients a general idea of the recovery process. Our doctor may give you specific instructions to follow, such as the use of ice packs or nasal taping, which will be explained thoroughly before your procedure.

When discussing the recovery period following a secondary nose job, Dr. Rizk advises his NYC rhinoplasty patients to allow about one week before they look presentable and are able to return to normal activities, including work. Some patients will experience minimal swelling and bruising and may feel comfortable resuming light activities, such as a walk in the neighborhood or a short visit with a friend, after a few days. In general, revision rhinoplasty patients can resume all normal activities, including exercise, after one month. As with any rhinoplasty, the full results of your nose job should not be judged until one year after the surgery, as the nose will continue to change as it settles into its new position and all swelling subsides.

The best rhinoplasty surgeon ensures that his patients feel comfortable before, during, and after their surgery. They full explain what to expect during the recovery period so that the patient can be prepared and comfortable while they recovery at home. Our doctor makes himself available to answer questions and address any concerns that may arise during the recovery period following their secondary nose job. By making himself available and ensuring that his patient fully understands the post-surgical instructions, the patient is more likely to experience a positive outcome, which is the ultimate goal for any rhinoplasty procedure.

Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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