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Rhinoplasty for African Americans - FAQs

What is a typical Rhinoplasty in African American patients?

Rhinoplasty, known popularly as a "nose job," refers to surgical alterations made to the nose in order to improve its look or solve breathing problems. For African Americans patients, Dr. Rizk developed specific subset of ethnic rhinoplasty techniques. His experience as well as his surgical skills allow him to provide patients, including some who are refused by other doctors due to the complexity of their nose, to improve their nose's appearance and functionality. In this type of rhinoplasty, the goal is to maintain ethnic identity while subtly suppressing certain qualities that the patient identifies as undesirable. Dr. Sam Rizk of NYC is very experienced with working on noses of patients with an African American and/or African heritage and understands the nuances necessary to be successful with enhancing their noses.

Is it technically different from general rhinoplasty?

Many similarities can be drawn between general rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty. The equipment used and the surgical process remains relatively constant, but the techniques employed are catered toward correcting specific issues that are more commonly found in African American. For example, patients often complain to Dr. Rizk that their nose is too wide and the tip is poorly defined. This results in a flatter nose with more apparent nostrils. Different strategies are used to correct these issues based on what the patient desires.

What is the surgical process?

Patients are put under twilight anesthesia for the duration of the operation. Small incisions are made around and inside the nose depending on the areas that require alteration. To refine areas of missing or weak cartilage, Dr. Rizk sculpts small, highly specific grafts (preferably from the patient's ear/nose cartilage) to implant and reshape the nose. The nose tip can also be rotated to provide definition and create a more pronounced look. There will be minor swelling after the operation, and a cast is necessary to stabilize the nose as the face heals and adapts to the shape of the new nose.

How long does it take?

The procedure itself usually takes between one and two hours, depending on the extent of operation. In most cases, normal non-strenuous activities can be resumed in a couple of weeks; several months are necessary for complete reduction of any inflammation and final, stable results.

Does it hurt?

Patients may feel discomfort and some minor pain after operation. This can be alleviated using standard pain-killers. Pain due from swelling should subside within a week and Dr. Rizk will provide you with a kit of products to minimize swelling. It is important not to perturb the casted area.

As an African American, How should I choose a surgeon for rhinoplasty?

It is advisable to choose a surgeon only after extensive research into his/her work to ensure the ability to get good results with patients of a certain ethnicity. Do not limit your choices to surgeons that have worked only on African Americans, as they may lack other types of experience that will help them reach well-rounded solutions. Dr. Sam Rizk has not only worked with patients from a large pool of cultural backgrounds, but continues to get many requests for his work from patients in the U.S. and abroad. He is a double-board certified cosmetic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist - his work focused entirely on the face. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rizk in New York to discuss the specifics of rhinoplasty and what it can do for you.

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