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Following your rhinoplasty procedure, you will likely be released to recover at home or in an aftercare facility for a couple of weeks. During this time and in the months that follow, you will need to follow the regimen and certain restrictions outlined in your surgeon’s postoperative instructions.

Your facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon will provide you with tips to reduce pain, swelling and discomfort. This may include using cold compresses or frozen peas. Your surgeon also may recommend over-the-counter pain medications or natural remedies such as bromelain or Arnica Montana. The use of saline spray may be recommended as well.

There will also be certain restrictions. You will be advised to avoid a number of actions and situations that might put the nasal structures at risk of shifting while they are healing.

You will be instructed not to touch or rub your nose. It is also important to avoid sniffing or blowing your nose.

Also, during your recovery you will need to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your stomach or side is not an option. A recliner can come in handy for this purpose.

You also need to avoid situations in which your nose might get bumped. For this reason, some rhinoplasty surgeons advise their patients to avoid travel for at least a couple of weeks. Also be careful around children. You will not be able to participate in vigorous exercise for several weeks – and, of course, you will need to avoid contact sports for a couple of months.

There are certain dietary restrictions following rhinoplasty as well. You will need to avoid solid foods for a few days to avoid discomfort. You will also need to avoid alcohol, as it thins the blood and could lead to excessive bleeding. Also avoid caffeine.

Your will need to restrict your exposure to the sun for up to six weeks following nose surgery. Because the skin is lifted and stretched during rhinoplasty, it will need time to recuperate. Sunburns can interfere with this process.

Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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