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5 Tips for Teen Rhinoplasty New York Patients

There are a number of issues teens (and their parents) should consider prior to undergoing rhinoplasty. Here are five tips to get you started.

1 Make sure your nose is fully developed. Your nose should not be operated on until it has reached its full adult size. Teenage girls should be at least 14 and teenage boys should be at least 15 (but possibly older) prior to having rhinoplasty. Make sure your feet have not changed in size for at least one year.

2 Speak with your parents. You need the permission of a parent or guardian to undergo nose surgery.

3 Do it for yourself. If your decision is based on pressure from a boyfriend, girlfriend parent or anyone else, this is not OK. Dr. Rizk will not perform the procedure if he feels this is the case.

4 Have realistic expectations. Rhinoplasty will not completely transform your life. Ask yourself if you have realistic expectations before considering rhinoplasty. If not, you are not a suitable candidate for the procedure.

5 Don’t be in a rush. There is nothing wrong with waiting a few years if you’re not ready (physically or mentally) for nose surgery.

For more information on what to consider before having rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Rizk to schedule a consultation.

Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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