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How to Find the Top Nose Surgeon in Your Area

There are a number of steps involved in finding the top rhinoplasty surgeon in your area.

For facial plastic procedures such as nose surgery, it is good idea to limit your search to board certified facial plastic surgeons, as opposed to other types of surgeons who do not specialize in facial plastic surgery. A good place to start is the website of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), where you can use its convenient “MD Finder” to search for a qualified facial plastic surgeon from the organization’s member directory.

Dr. Rizk believes that it is very important to choose a true rhinoplasty specialist — a facial plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of cases each year. Your nose surgeon should have extensive experience not just in plastic surgery, but more specifically performing various types of rhinoplasty procedures. He or she should perform nose surgeries on a regular basis (more than once case each week) and have an excellent track record of positive results, including with complicated cases and revision procedures.

Many leading rhinoplasty specialists, including Dr. Rizk, have received awards and designations such as “Top Doctor” from reputable publications and organizations, so look for such accolades on the websites of surgeons you are considering.

Top rhinoplasty surgeons usually have advanced equipment such as 3D technology, which allows the surgeon to view the area being operated on without unduly disturbing sensitive tissues.

Hospital privileges are another good indication. To receive such privileges, a surgeon must be approved by a hospital committee. This committee will evaluate the surgeon’s education, training and level of skill before allowing the surgeon to perform surgery in their facility. Other things to look for in a top rhinoplasty surgeon include positive media exposure, a clear dedication to patient care and safety, and a high patient satisfaction rate.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Our doctor is one of only a few double board certified facial plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty (nose plastic surgery), revision or secondary rhinoplasty, and facelift with necklift surgery.

His expertise, specialization, innovations, artistic results and surgical finesse, has drawn patients from around the globe to his Manhattan Park Avenue surgical facility to undergo his artistic transformations. Local patients also come to his Park Avenue facility from local states and cities such as nearby New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Boston, as well as Washington D.C.

Our doctor has published books and articles on his facial plastic surgery techniques and innovations to give you an artistically sculpted nose or face with the least recovery time possible. His facelift and rhinoplasty patients normally look presentable within a week after their procedure and usually travel back to their home states / countries within 10 days after their procedures.

When it comes to your face and nose, it is important to select the most qualified plastic surgeon in the world that specializes only in these areas. Maybe you could bargain on your car or home but selecting the least expensive surgeon for your face or nose is not recommended. When it comes to plastic surgeons you do get what you pay for. Facial plastic surgery on the nose and face is very complicated and very artistic, and it is important to select a plastic surgeon such as our doctor, who has both technical as well as artistic talents. Patients who have experienced a bad outcome and are unhappy with their noses who seek a revision rhinoplasty surgeon, often seek our surgeon’s expertise from all parts of the world as well as from local cities such as Connecticut, NJ, Philadelphia and Washington. Revision rhinoplasty is one of the more complicated operations in plastic surgery and is one of our doctor’s specialties. Patients with ethnic noses or noses with thick skin and weak cartilages are a particular subgroup in rhinoplasty which is particularly difficult to achieve a good outcome. Our surgeon has developed specific techniques for ethnic rhinoplasty which enables an excellent outcome in most ethnic patients. Some patients with thick skin and lack of skin resiliency may never achieve their desired outcome due to their particular skin, and although this is rare it can happen.

For local patients from Connecticut, New Jersey and Philadelphia or Boston, New York City is just a car ride from your home and it is worth it to give yourself the best chance at achieving the best possible outcome for your nose or facelift surgery as this will be a part of your face forever.

Plastic surgery of the face and nose has undergone significant innovations thanks to pioneers like our doctor who continually push the envelope to new frontiers of technology. He incorporates new high definition telescope systems in his rhinoplasty and facelift surgery to visualize the inner structures of the nose and face better and to allow a safer operation with a more rapid recovery through smaller incisions. By visualizing internal anatomy more precisely through smaller incisions, our surgeon is able to avoid the blood vessels which cause more bruising and is also able to change the underlying structures with more precision, such as removing a nasal bump in rhinoplasty surgery or lifting a drooping loose facial muscle in face lift surgery.

Additionally, our doctor, one of the double board certified facial plastic surgeons in New York, has double board certification in facial plastic surgery and head and neck surgery, which makes him not only an expert in the deep anatomy of the face and neck but also an expert in the cosmetic procedures to manipulate the aging structures of the face and neck. He also has significant training and certification in reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, having done a residency at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the premier cancer hospital in Manhattan where he had to reconstruct faces and necks after cancer removal resulting in severe deformities. Often our doctor had to use bone, soft tissue from other parts of the body to correct deep deformities of the face and neck.

Our surgeon also uses tissue glues instead of nasal packing in rhinoplasty which makes the recovery much more pleasant and decreases swelling and bleeding. He also uses the TISSEEL tissue glue in facelifts instead of using surgical drains which also decreases bruising and shortens recovery time and makes the recovery more pleasant without drainage tubes.

All these advances are meant to improve your experience and expedite your recovery as well as usually giving you a great and naturally looking result.

Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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