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It is important to be prepared for your recovery from rhinoplasty. Here is what you can expect.

The first few days. Each patient experiences healing differently, but generally, for the first few days the face is puffy and the area around the eyes and nose is swollen. Painkillers may be prescribed to reduce discomfort during this time. You will be advised to apply cold compresses to the area surrounding the nose (but not to the nose itself). Some surgeons also recommend homeopathic remedies such as Arnica Montana and bromelain, which may reduce swelling.

Following nose surgery, it is not uncommon for patients to experience bruising around the nose – but not Dr. Rizk's patients. In fact, Dr. Rizk is renowned for his ability to prevent bruising in rhinoplasty patients. His use of 3D technology allows him to make smaller incisions, which reduce bruising and tissue damage, as well as recovery time.

During the first few days after rhinoplasty, you may experience some nausea. You will probably experience stuffiness, too. You won't be able to blow your nose, but decongestants (pre-approved by your surgeon) can help. You may be asked to keep your head elevated and you will need to sleep on your back. The nasal packing that is applied to reduce swelling will also be removed within about two days.

You will also be advised to avoid any activities that may put your nose in harm's way, particularly travel and sports. You will not be able to wear glasses.

Within 2-3 weeks. In most cases, a small, protective splint is placed on the nose at the conclusion of the procedure. This will likely be removed around six or seven days after the procedure. You will need to wait until a few weeks after the splint is removed before wearing glasses again. Swelling will persist but will be less pronounced. You will still need to sleep on your back. About 7 days after your procedure you should be able to return to work. You will be instructed to continue avoiding contact sports.

After three weeks. While much of the swelling will be gone, some swelling will persist for a few months, or even up to a year.

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