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Facial Plastic Surgery; Rhinoplasty Revision; and Nasal Surgery.

Neck Lift

Dr. Rizk is a highly specialized facial plastic surgeon whose sub-specialty is facelift and necklift surgery. Dr. Rizk does not perform general body plastic surgery. He is a double board certified facelift and necklift surgeon with extensive training in this particular region. He is one of only a handful of surgeons with this sub-specialty in New York.

As we age, muscles become loose and drop underneath the skin. Dr. Rizk's Lift differs because it addresses the deeper tissue by going under the muscle, sliding it backwards into its original youthful position. This technique results in less bruising and swelling since he lifts deeper beneath the muscle. Once the deeper tissue is lifted, the excess skin is trimmed. Scars heal better because there is no tension on superficial layers and skin. This lift results in a natural, softer look and creates definition along the jawline and neck, not tightness.

Dr. Rizk's "Rapid Recovery Neck Lift," featured on Fox 5, incorporates the use of the Endotine Ribbon and tissue glues which results in a rapid recovery and creates a more natural lift with longer lasting results. Dr. Rizk was the first surgeon to use this ribbon device in the deep plane facelift and neck lift, and he incorporates the use of tissue glues rather than the older techniques of drains, to allow faster healing with less bruising and swelling and eliminate the pain, scarring and discomfort associated with postoperative drains. In addition, Dr. Rizk incorporates use of various vitamins and herbal supplements to expedite recovery.

His Signature lift is a partial lower facelift and neck lift (neck lift alone which lifts the sagging muscles of the neck and jowls, eliminating them and creating youthful and natural definition, without a tight look of older facelift and neck lift techniques).

Patients are socially presentable in 7 days after surgery with minimal bruising and swelling. Dr. Rizk’s neck lifts and facelifts restore youthful volume and usually patients can wear their hair up within two weeks without a visible scar. Click on the video player to watch a Fox 5 article on Dr. Rizk's rapid recovery neck lift.

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