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Dr. Sam Rizk Reviews

5.0 stars - based on 33 reviews

Nose Surgery

5.0 stars

Dear Dr.Rizk,

I wanted to express how thankful I am to you and all of your tem. The procedure you performed to straighten & restore my nose is a life changing event for me. Although it has only been 14 days since the operation, my nose already looks so better!

It was not an easy decision to travel all the way from Hawaii to New York City for the surgery, however it was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made, and I couldn't be happier. I was very nervous, which you discerned when we met and you made me feel safe and reassured me that I would be ok. It was your confidence, expertise, and humility that calmed me down.

You gave me a very handsome and masculine nose that is perfectly proportioned to my face & body size. I can now breathe freely for the first time in over 20 yrs. You are truly the best surgeon in the world and also to be such a humble person is a very unique character. I am so thankful to have had this done by you and cared for by your amazing staff.

I was also very touched by all of you staff members, they genuinely cared about my well-being which was authentic and really went above & beyond anything I could have hoped for. Thank you Dr. Rizk, for changing my life, I am no longer self conscious about the large bump and crooked nose that I have lived with for so many years. Now I feed confident & comfortable about my new look, and will always remember & be grateful to you.

Thank you Dila for being so kind organized and patient with me, getting everything in order from out of state. Thanks to Dila & Heidi for arranging transportation back to the hotel, since catching a cab in Manhattan is not like the movies!

Thank you to Dr. Scolnick (Bobby) for taking excellent care of me during anesthesia & following up with me the following days at the hotel. Thank you to Rosie for being so kind and caring! Thank you to Tatyana for tolerating me after waking up and not getting irritated when I kept complaining about a splitting headache & also helping me get dressed!

Thank you to Frannie & Maureen for caring for me and teaching how to care for my own nose & making sure I understood about my medications, and the extra care they provided for me while staying with me at the hotel. This was truly a 5-star experience from the beginning to end.

Dr. Rizk, and all staff there in Manhattan, if you ever have a chance to come to the Hawaiian Islands. Please contact me, it would be my pleasure and my honor to see you again!

by Chad

Meticulous and Complex Surgery

5.0 stars - Written on December 19, 2013

Dear Dr. Rizk,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for me. It is difficult to fathom that I was able to return to my medical office within four days following your meticulous and complex surgery without any discernible signs of bruising and swelling. Other surgical colleagues in your specialty acknowledged the arduous and tedious task of surgically repairing the various defects that had incurred from a prior surgery performed elsewhere. In this regard, I am indebted to you forever for your willingness to take on my case. The results are extraordinary and far exceeded my expectations.

I am also equally impressed by the kindness and compassion you exhibit. You embody the personality and bedside manner of the ideal Oslerian physician I encountered and revered as a medica1 student. You are an exceptional and exemplary role model to all of us, especially to the new generations of doctors. Your international reputation of being among the finest in your field is well deserved. Suffice it to say that the manner in which your practice your surgical craft is at the highest level medically, ethically and artistically.

I wish you a wonderful new year and continued success in bringing great happiness and wellbeing to the many fortunate patients who are lucky enough to encounter you in their life's journey. I was certainly one such patient whose life was indelibly changed for the better by choosing a path that lead to a welcoming and open door at 1040 Park Avenue

by Cynthia Magro

Revisional Rhinoplasty and Upper Eyelid Blethoplasties

5.0 stars - Written on January 18, 2007

Dear Sam:

It has been one week since my revisional rhinoplasty and upper eyelid blethoplasties. I must state how very pleased I am with the very natural looking results. I am breathing much better. I had very little discomfort and a faster recovery than I had anticipated. As you were aware, I was extremely frightened about the fact of having surgery, but your caring excellent bedside manner me that you would do the necessary procedures to my satisfaction.

I feel compelled to write this letter and you may display and share it with your patients, hopefully to alleviate their fears and inform them of your artistic excellent surgical skills. As a surgeon myself, no one is more particular. I was aware how much more involved my surgery would be to repair the defects from previous surgery by another doctor. It takes meticulous skill and medical knowledge to achieve the results you have done for me.

You are an excellent cosmetic surgeon and a wonderful caring physician. I feel fortunate to have made your acquaintance.

by B.Z.

Lip Enhancement

5.0 stars

The wedding I attended the day after I saw you was magnificent! All my relatives were there, many I hadn't seen in over 20 years! The following day my mom told me that people were asking her if i was a model! I am overjoyed with my 'new' look. My lips are perfect and I find myself always smiling!

All those people you showed me when I was in your office... will experience their lives in a way that would not have been possible if not for you. I sense in you a kindness somewhat rare in much of humanity these days. Be true to the one you love. It's an ultimate sacrifice but its reward will be as great as the new found joy of those people whose lives you change every day. I don't know how I can ever thank you for what you've done for me, but I'll keep trying.

With much love Laura =)

Thanks for being wonderful you.

by Laura


5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Sam

You aren't only a saint, but an artist, a genius and a true friend!

I am so thankful to have you in my life. You have given me the most beautiful nose! This is just beginning. You are the best!

Thank you for you kindness and friendship, it is really special to me!

You've Done

by Melinda

Facial Plastic Surgery

5.0 stars - Written on April 16, 2005

I am an ordinary person who had the good fortune of choosing an extraordinary doctor, Sam Rizk, for my April 7th facial plastic surgery. Because I am so thrilled with the results, I feel compelled to write and tell those who may have been responsible, that they indeed made a very wise choice, too, when they selected Dr. Rizk to be on staff at LHH/MEETH.

Dr. Rizk impressed me with his honest assessment and sincerity at the very first consultation. I immediately knew I could trust him with the fate of my face. After seeing the outcome. I realized how hard Dr. Rizk worked to give me the most natural looking lift as well as subtly resculpted chin and jaw line. I also believe Dr. Rizk's unique surgical technique of using "tissue glue" made me speedy recovery nothing short of amazing!

Dr. Rizk deserves to be commended for his exceptional skills and dedication to his work. He has clearly camed my respect and I would hope the respect and recognition of his peers. I assure you, I have nothing to gain from writing this letter except the satisfaction of telling you there will be many other happy, more confident people like myself if they choose Dr. Rizk as their surgeon.

Furthermore, I would also like to say that the care I received at MEETH was excellent. Everything went smoothly from sign-in to check-out. I was treated courteously and everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. I also look note of the cleanliness of the facility.

In closing, I want to that you for managing fine facility, overseeing a competent and caring staff, and most especially, for having the BEST facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sam Rizk, on your LHH/MEETH team!

by A.A.

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars

Dear Sam

I wanted to formally thank you in writing, so that one day if you have a patient as nervous as I was about all the procedures, you can show them this letter and put their mind completely at ease.

You are not only a perfectionist and master artist at your profession as a plastic surgeon, but you were the epitome of calmness and friendship before, during and after the surgery. You work there 24/7, not only for me but for Phil as well.

A few weeks ago before we went out for dinner and as I was coming down the stairs, Phil said "wow - you look gorgeous" !

That's not usual for him to complement me.

However, it has been at least 15 years since I've heard it said with such true passion in his voice. Not bad after 34 years!

So - once again Sam, thank you for restoring that good old confident feeling of enjoying the sheer joy of just looking in the mirror.

by J.G.

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars - Written on January 22, 2006

Dear Sam

Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the wonderful treatment my sister and I received from you. In the short time since we have met my impression of you is that not only are you amazing surgeon but you are also a very special person.

I am so happy and grateful that our paths crossed, and amazed at the easy with which you made my dream come true. You have performed an incredible job and I will keep my end of the deal with the same level of dedication.

There is a Hebrew saying "Show me your friends and I will show you who you are." I have met some of the people you are surrounded by. Your very kind friend Arthur,wonderful private nurse Frances, sweet Hoda, they all reflect the precious man you are.

I wish you the utmost success.

Thank you again for placing your trust in me and for the kindness you shown me.

by M.S.


5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk,

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me, because of you my self esteem has increased. I am no longer scared of camera.

You have changed my life & you are greatly appreciated. I will never forget what you have done for me. I will keep referring clients to you. Thank you again.

Face, Eye and Neck Lift Surgery

5.0 stars - Written on April 25, 2006

Dear Dr. Rizk:

It is with great pleasure, as a 50+ year-old professional entertainer, wife and mother that I am writing this letter of recommendation, detailing my very positive experiences under your care.

As you know, I had face, eye and neck lift surgery in January and two weeks ago you did extensive reconstruction work on my nose and sinuses. My only previous experience in plastic surgery was at 16, when a top New York surgeon did a bad rhinoplasty that I have regretted ever since.

Thanks to your unique skills and incredible artistry, I am a new person, completely thrilled with my looks. I am sincerely grateful for my rejuvenated face, eyes and neck, which are now like the features of a thirty years old.

Your alteration and enhancement of the structure and symmetry of my collapsed nose, was a wonderfully successful procedure that no other Doctor would attempt. And I can breath again!

I hope you can use can use my 'before ' and 'after' pictures to show all prospective clients the miracle I am delighted to see in the mirror every day

Also, thanks for taking such excellent care of my friends who continue to come to you, after they see the youthful transformation in my appearance.

I heartily recommend you for all procedures you wish to undertake and please feel free to have potential clients call me at the above telephone number to discuss this further.

by R.K.

Facial Reconstruction

5.0 stars - Written on June 21, 2006

Dear Doctor Rizk,

What can you write to someone who literally changed my life? You are by far one of the nicest and most genuine human beings I have ever met and I'm blessed to have known you. You have a heart of gold, and a relentless passion to make people look beautiful to their greatest potential. You are a gifted artist, and a true pioneer in the world of plastic surgery. I can write forever telling you how much I love you, and how much you are needed in this world. You have a talent, and are a prodigy for facial reconstruction, and I'm glad I waited all these years to find you. It was well worth the wait. My words cannot describe what I feel in my heart. But I wanted to let you know that you are truly loved and appreciated endlessly. I'm always here if you need me!

by J

Nose Revision

5.0 stars - Written on September 2006

Dear Dr. Rizk,

Someone finally got it right! After my fourth nose revision you were the only one that understood the importance of a nose looking feminine and also functioning properly. I commend you for the amazing work you did on my nose. I know this was one of your most difficult cases. Most other surgeons would not have touched my nose, this I know.

Again, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me nose that completely changed my appearance for the better.

by J.R.

Facelift Surgery

5.0 stars

Oh face, Oh face, I love you so
But where oh where are you starting to go
Down south you say, for a long vaca
But look what you've done; now I have to pay
I have to pay Dr. Rizk a lot of money
So when he makes his Incisions, back up you go honey
Now a note to you Dr. Rizk,
I'm coming to you cause you're the master of the fix
So think young, beautiful, natural, and symmetrical
Remember I don't want to look like I was shocked by something electrical
Not only are you skilled with those wonderful hands, but It's also
a pleasure to look at such a handsome man
So Dr. Rizk when all is said and done
I'll remember you as the only one
I'll refer everyone I know for the rest of my days
And you can be assured they'll be able to pay.

by DC

Facial Plastic Surgery

5.0 stars

Dear Sam

Well, it has been 2 years since you have recontoured my nose and the compliments continue to pour in! I must say it was a long journey of consultations with some of NYC's most well known facial plastic surgeons until I stumbled upon your Upper East Side office. I knew from the second that I met you, that you were "the one" ha ha. None of the others could compare!

You instilled in me a sure confidence, instantly making me feel that my surgery was left in the hands of a true professional, mastermind, artist. Now after sending you all of my closest friend's and family's faces...I stand my ground on claiming you as the most talented surgeon out there! Your work is truly exceptional Sam.. as are you!

To have the ability to be able to change people's lives is something that must make you extremely proud. Your talent is truly unsurpassed Sam! I will continue to refer to you all of my patients, clients, family and friends...because I believe in your work that much! It makes me feel great to share that gift, that you so naturally render, to others!

Thank you for being the brilliant surgeon that you are.. and thank you for being such a wonderful friend!

by M.F.

Revision Rhinoplasty

5.0 stars - Written on March 21, 2009

Dear Dr. Rizk,

I am writing this letter to you to express my profound gratitude for being the one aesthetic plastic surgeon that finally got it right and gave me a beautiful nose.

By the time I came to your office for consultation I had undergone three previous surgeries (over a period of fifteen years) performed by doctors who were considered well respected in their field. However none of them performed what needed to be done to make my nose attractive.

I never did have an ugly, deformed or broken nose -I just wanted it to be a bit more refined and slightly re shaped- a result that would give me a less harsh appearance. Instead, after those previous surgeries, I ended up with what you called a "hanging columella", along with some other problems that need to be addressed with reconstructive surgery.

During my consultation with you I noticed how carefully you listened to all my concerns. You explained clearly everything you intended to do. You were sensitive to the fact that I had undergone an unusual amount of previous unsuccessful surgeries and you convinced me that you were not only up for the challenge but that you would be the one that would finally get it right. You were undeterred by the challenge and I admired your confidence.

Within a day or two after surgery I could see the result. I still looked like myself but my facial countenance was now softer, prettier - just as I always wanted. The surgery was a perfect success. The change was so subtle but real. No one even knew I had the surgery but I was getting compliments on how pretty I looked. No one could put their finger on what it was but the sharp hanging tip was gone and my nose was filled out a bit also, which gave it a prettier line. You gave me exactly what I wanted all these years. How can I thank you?

I thought that writing this letter for your future patients would be one way I could do that. To assure them that your hands are so gifted. You are an artist and a genius. This is what plastic/aesthetic surgery must aspire to.

I also want to thank your entire staff. Each person was so helpful and so very nice. From start to finish it was it was very gratifying experience!

by L.F.

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars

They're people like you.

Thank You with all of my heart.

Thank you so much for everything!! You truly are a gift to the medical profession, not only in your work in your kindness and caring nature.

Thank you again

by Juliet

Rhinoplasty and Chin Surgery

5.0 stars - Written on May 26, 2009

Dear Dr. Rizk,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the exuberance and delight I feel one my new nose and chin. As discussed I am faxing you and emailing you copies of an article that touched me deeply regarding scores of disfigured women in Asia, victims of the mindless egoism of reckless men. One can but imagine the toll in human suffering. I know you are a caring and compassionate doctor who could help heal the faces of these broken women, hapless victims of outrage a misfortune. I believe these women can benefit immensely from the extraordinary skill you wield. You have the God given talent to turn around many lives. I will do whatever I can do assist your benevolent efforts and aspirations. I will do more research on the Acid Survivors Foundation and on Sakhi (domestic violence victims).

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk,

I would like to express my appreciation for the work that you have performed on me. I love my new look, your skill, kindness and care are beyond explanation. A thank you and your staff for the compassionate and excellent treatment I received while at the surgery center.

by Katarina Vlachos

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk,

There are so many things I want to say to you. For someone so incredibly talented and skilled, you remain humble and non-self absorbed. From the first time I met you, I felt sure of your expert capability. You were able to remove all my fears and I knew I was in great hand. You have a beautiful personality and you are truly a beautiful person. These qualities emit from you like a ray of sunshine. Your spirituality is very special to me. It says a great deal about a person who posesses it. You allow it to be evident in a gentle way. I believe when someone puts God first, they have realized the most important thing in life. It is this that makes all things possible. Thank you for revealing this most special part of your being.

Your staff are all incredible. I think they are all perfect. You can clearly are that everyone is happy, professional, and truly cares about the patients.

Thank you from my heart!

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk,

You truly are a very special person. It is very obvious how much you love what you do and what you create. You remind me of a little boy who rides a bike or creates a picture for the first time and how proud he is of himself and what he has done. Your little boy smile definitely helps as does your soft voice. For the first time in years, I am breathing, smelling and not using nose drops. My nose looks natural and except for close people, no one realizes it is shorter and flatter. You truly are the best and you will always be my hero.

Thank you for making dreams come true.

by Penny Tillman

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk,

I thank God for you, Rodin & Michelangelo. Your work is amazing. Your team is fantastic. I could not be more pleased.

by Toni

Facelift Surgery

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk

I cannot think of anyone who has made a greater impact on my life than you have. I was never a very pretty girl and never as popular as many kids in high school. After a long marriage, I went through a divorce that all but destroyed my self esteem. I felt abandoned, discarded, invisible, old and haggard. I thought my life was over and that it was too late to rebuild it. Then God blessed me and I met you.

Dr. Rizk, you did not just perform surgery, your incomparable skill, unique talent performed a miracle on my face. You not only restored my self esteem, you give me a confidence and self love I never had when I was yong. I look in the mirror and feel like I have my whole life ahead of me. I feel like there is nothing I can't do. I feel young again

I want to my 40th high school reunion on Nov.7. Out of 200 students I was the talk of the graduat class. I could here groups of women exclaim, "Did you see her? Did you see how fantastic she looks?" The women were shocked and the men surrounded me. My ex-husband wants to re-unite and my whole life has turned 3600 thanks to you! Thank you doesn't seem adequate for I could never repay the gift of beauty you gave me. All I can do is love, honor & admire you for the rest of my life. May you receive all that you give you deserve because you are the best.

Neck and Face Lift

5.0 stars

Dear Doctor. Rizk, when Michaelangelo was asked how he managed to carve David from a single block of marble Michaelangelo said, "David was always in there. I merely set him free."

And while most scientists agree that we will never be able to create a time machine, the likes of which were written about by H. G. Wells, Doctor Rizk has managed to create for me a tribute to both of these masters. It is as if through a time machine, Doctor Rizk has brought me back many years and freed the girl I use to be. My neck and face lift both seem to have been done by yet another master. Thank You Doctor Rizk!

by Kathy Hossler


5.0 stars - Written on April 18, 2006

Dear Dr. Rizk,

My decision to have a facelift was a very difficult and emotional one. I had several other consultations, but no other physician made me feel that I could go through this procedure with no trepidation. Upon meeting you, I instantly felt at ease. I recognized your artistic abilities, skill, and amazing personality, which helped me to my final decision.

As a spa owner, my business is to look as good as I can for my female clientele. I felt so comfortable and had complete trust in your hands. I will always be grateful to you. Now when I look at myself, I simply see a younger, more refreshed face, but still mine.

by Jadwiga Rolleszek

Surgical Procedures

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk,

I first came to your offices feeling nervous and tense clearly not knowing what to expect. Once we met your confidence and professionalism put me at ease... did forget charming?

Today I look in the mirror and absolutely love the results! The amount of compliments have been amazing.

My heart felt thanks to you and your wonderful team, especially the nurses and, of course, Dila as well.

Revision Rhinoplasty

5.0 stars

I'm a black, African 29 year old woman from London, United Kingdom who traveled to New York to undergo a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Samieh Rizk on Friday, June 25th, 2010. A mere five weeks later, I can say hand on heart that I'm completely overawed by the phenomenal results! Without sounding conceited, I would describe my new nose as 'perfect' in the sense that the enhanced version is natural, in proportion with the rest of my features and injects a much needed symmetry and harmony to my face. My profile view has garnered many compliments from family, friends and strangers alike. The bridge is beautifully straight and bar slight swelling in the tip, my results have absolutely surpassed any expectations I had before hand. This was the best surgical decision I've ever made, it has completely changed my life already, boosting my self esteem and confidence no end. In my opinion Dr Rizk's extraordinary cosmetic genius is incomparable.

Admittedly, my case was difficult, I mean my nose was misshapen and lacked any definition what-so-ever. Apart from having a wide, shapeless bridge, my nose also veered to the left, meanwhile the bulbous tip was a personal bug-bear! Whenever I smiled the thick skin on the tip was extremely prominent overwhelming my face to the extent where I avoided photos like the plague :-). In addition, my nostrils were asymmetrical. Needless to say, Dr Rizk had his work cut out.

In February this year, I forwarded my photos complete with an explanatory email to numerous surgeons around the world. After reading the replies, I set my sights on Dr Richard Davis in Miami, Florida for my revision. Although, I'd gone as far as to book my surgery date, I had the fortune of viewing outstanding B&A rhinoplasty photos from a 'Makemeheal' member called 'Paso' . I discovered her surgeon was Dr Rizk and my curiosity was piqued. This coupled with my niggling doubts over Dr Davis crystallised my tipping point towards Dr Rizk.

I arranged my thirty minute $250 phone consultation soon after! My first impression of Dr Rizk was how down-to-Earth and no nonsense his approach seemed, plus his state-of-the art knowledge about rhinoplasty impressed me. He wasted no time in recommending medpor - an implant which mimics bone and provides the best cosmetic outcome in terms of definition - this straightforward suggestion had been omitted by every other surgeon. After our discussion, I was left in no doubt that he was the only man who could deliver the results I was seeking. Of course, I was still second guessing myself but perusing his website's rhinoplasty gallery and blog delivered further proof of his profound talent.

I paid $22,000 for revision rhinoplasty with a medpor implant. Yes, it was expensive and a huge risk but I feel it was a worthy price for the results I'm enjoying today. Often with surgery, the fee doesn't necessarily reflect the results but I can affirm that Dr Rizk is worth every cent due to his preternatural skills. He is arguably the best facial plastic surgeon in the world at the moment! Besides, the proof is certainly clear in the B&A photos on his website, his renowned reputation amongst his peers and illustrious career hitherto.

I was a nervous wreck when I had my first face to face encounter with Dr Rizk on the day of my arrival, which incidentally was the day before my surgery. Dr Rizk had printed my photos and drew outlines around my nose to detail his intentions during my surgery. He was very amiable, warm, and by the end of our consultation had won me over with his charm. He explained that he planned on using medpor to build up and straighten my bridge, in short creating a new infrastructure. My nose would also be broken in a special way, due to my ethnicity. My own cartilage would be utilised to create definition in my tip and a small strip of medpor would be added to my columella to forcibly keep the base of my nose in place. This inevitably helped project the tip outwards. Lastly the thick skin on my tip would be defatted - meaning the removal of scar tissue from my previous operation and any inherent fat - then he intended to remove deep layers of skin from the tip to further enhance the definition once swelling subsides and the skin shrinks around my new shape. Dr Rizk's sincerity extended to his employees as well; the entire staff at Dr Rizk's headquarters were fantastic, incredibly kind, polite and patient from Dila the head secretary, to Heidi her aide - an African/American who was six months post-op from a splendid rhinoplasty herself; what better way to advertise than an in-house patient! The nurses and anesthesiologist were all super nice.

Surgery the following day, lasted three to four hours, the first thing I remember afterwards was Dr Rizk allaying my fears by reassuring me the surgery was successful. After reading other people's surgical experiences I understand how this small act further underlined Dr Rick's professionalism. I also recall feeling how tiny my new bridge was whilst Dr Rizk mentioned that he'd decreased it by 50%! And as you can imagine, that was music to my ears :-)! I was in minor discomfort immediately after the operation, although incredibly, I had no use for painkillers at all during my recovery. This was somewhat of a miracle considering all the corrections Dr Rizk had achieved during my procedure.

Dila, rang my cousin's apartment the day after surgery to check up on me, and to establish I was icing my face as she warned of severe swelling! That was the only serious discomfort I suffered throughout the whole process. Even with my cast on, it was evident from the outset that my bridge was straight and smaller although my tip was huge. In addition my nostrils were symmetrical.

As my case was rather complicated Dr Rizk suggested I stay in town for three further days before I removed my cast. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay. Coincidentally, he was also traveling to London, United Kingdom for a conference. Despite this, his office quickly re-scheduled me to see him before his trip to London - five days after my surgery - just so that he could personally take my cast off and give me a steroid injection to speed up the healing process in my swollen tip. I did however travel back home with my cast firmly replaced.

On seeing Dr Rizk post-op, my first complaint was obviously the enormity of the tip but he assured me that it would be the last area to settle as he had spent the majority of operating time correcting it. And in hindsight, I can now appreciate how accurate he was; my tip has reduced significantly with each passing week. Dr Rizk stipulated three months post-op as the milestone towards real definition in the shape of my tip. But astonishingly here I'am five weeks later, already raving and elated about my unbelievable results! Yes my tip has got some way to go until it settles but the marked improvement is unequivocal.

I promised myself I'd share my experience because of the countless indviduals whose information and advice has been invaluable to my quest during the past six years. Thanks to everyone who posts and is brave enough to show their photos because in your own way, you have hugely contributed to my current happiness and fulfilment. I'm not on this board often but if you send me a PM I will email you my photos next week where I'll have added new ones to my album revealing my appearance at six weeks post-op.

by Yvonne S.

Revision Rhinoplasty

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk,

I remember the first time I went to your office with my daughter (who was a grown woman at the time) to correct surgery on her nose which another surgeon had done poorly. My daughter and I were speaking to the anesthesiologist just before her procedure in your office, who said 40% of your work was fixing the mistakes other surgeons have made. Well you did a terrific job on giving her beautiful nose .

About two years later I returned to have my whole face done. I had just gone through a six years difficult divorce & the aging process seemed to have accelerated during this period & taken it's toll on me.

From the first day I went for my consult you and your staff made me feel so at ease and I knew I was in good hands. Your skills far surpassed my wildest dreams. I had my entire face done (not changed) with out any pain. I stayed at the hotel you recommended for two nights because of all the procedures, thinking I didn't want to leave anything that might go wrong to chance. It was a great experience, I felt terrific & the nurses, Franie, Barbara & Maureen became a wonderful extension of you and your staff's amazing way of handling your client. Thank you for your gift of making me look & feel ten to fifteen years younger & for being a big part of me starting my life over with such wonderful results.

I remember sitting in your office reading all the letters past patients wrote raving about their results after you preformed surgery on them & thinking... "sure, sure, sure, this is too much. O.K., O.K., maybe he's good but words like genius, an angel, hands from God was a bit much". Guess what, they are right!! You are unbelievable, so kind and perfectionist, on top of being highly skilled. If any woman out there ever needed to have facial plastic surgery done, this is the place to go. I've seen many friends & acquaintances who paid a lot of money & the result are not as natural as the work you do & they went through hell on top that recover.

Thank you Dr. Rizk, members of your staff, Delia, Tatiana, Franie, Rose, Marie & forgive me if I left anyone out.

I extend my heart felt thanks to all of you.

by D.M.

Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant, Upper Lip Lift, Necklift, Fat Injection (cheekbones), Laser of Face

5.0 stars

Dr. Rizk is an artist and, without overdramatizing, I must say he has changed my life. Also, to give credit where credit is due, while Dr.Rizk has the surgical skills, every person on his staff contributed to making my experience enormously positive. I thank them all.

It probably goes without saying that anyone who consults a cosmetic surgeon has genuine problems and/or self-image issues. I spent 66 years stoically and with cheerfulness being complimented on my 'personality' while it was generally acknowledged that I was 'a bit odd-looking'. Certainly not your Classic Beauty!

During my initial consultation with Dr.Rizk, he made me feel I could be totally straightforward with him without being judged, I felt confident about asking him [as an expert] what he felt would accomplish my stated goal. Truly, all I wanted was "to look like everyone else".

He gave me his opinion and we proceeded. Amazingly, despite multiple procedures undertaken on one day --- yes, I was very nervous! --- there was no pain, no distress. I'm not comfortable with anesthesia but my anesthesiologist called me the night before surgery and completely set me at ease.

My aftercare was thorough, caring and professional; I used nurses who work with Dr.Rizk. My recovery was much quicker than I'd anticipated and, again, pain-free.

I've waited until a full three month after surgery to write about my experience because I know that many patients like how they look with some post-surgical swelling. I wanted to see what I looked like 'when everything calmed down'. And I can report that I'm completely delighted with my results. More than just looking average/attractive, my friends are reporting to me that people I hardly know are telling them I look "amazing" and "beautiful".

So now I can greet each day forgetting about my looks, confident that I'm just fine, and then focus on other people and the business of the moment. Thank you, Dr. Rizk and your very kind staff!

by D.B.

Facelift Surgery

5.0 stars

Dr. Rizk is outstanding in every way. His artistry, surgical skills and compassion define him as the most incredible professional. I am deeply impressed with the time he takes to assure you of his suggestions and am so pleased that I trusted him completely as he has THE eye and hands to do what he says he will accomplish. I am a professional woman and was back at my office after 8 days of surgery (face lift and laser) looking refreshed and, according to my partners, "ravishing"-no one had a hint of what occurred 8 days prior. He is a master at what he does and a wonderful human being which makes the experience special beyond words.


5.0 stars

About 5 years ago, my life was changed. I looked in the mirror and was sad to see what I had become. I went from being fourth runner up and talent winner as a vocalist in the Miss New York State pageant, to someone who I could no longer recognize. I knew it was time to search for someone who could help me become my old self again. Then I met my knight in shining armor, Dr. Sam Rizk. He is not only a great surgeon, but he is also a wonderful and compassionate man with superb bedside manner. I went to Dr. Rizk for a consultation and we decided together that I should get a facelift. This facelift literally lifted my spirits more than I could have ever imagined. I now have the confidence to stand up on the stage and sing as I did many years ago. I will always go back to Dr. Rizk for all of my cosmetic procedures. He has earned my trust whole heartedly and I consider him to be a wonderful friend. Also, let me not forget the amazingly caring and sweet staff that he has working at his practice for many years. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience.

Thank you for everything Dr. Rizk! You're the best!

by Sally Q

Revision Necklift

5.0 stars

Revision necklift - to make tighter neck. Sam is super! Staff is super!

Septoplasty / Rhinoplasty

5.0 stars

Dear Dr. Rizk and Staff:

I know you supply a form to get my feedback however I wanted to take the time to let you know how I feel about my experience with your office. As you know, I recently decided to get corrective surgery on my nose which was a decision I had put off for some time. Being a NYC Police Officer and private investigator, it was in my nature to conduct extensive research into physicians to ensure I was in good hands. In the midst of my research, I was referred to you by a colleague who highly recommended you. Notwithstanding a slight intimidation factor I felt going to a consult with a well known Park Ave surgeon, which was only intensified when I walked into his marble and mahogany filled office, the nature of the surgery made the choice a clear one. Immediately upon checking in at the front desk, the warm and friendly nature of your administrative staff made me feel comfortable and erased whatever feelings of intimidation I had. I experienced the same professionalism with your medical staff as I was brought back to the examination room and they were well informed about the reason for my visit. Overall, the first impression I had was outstanding.

Upon meeting you, Dr. Rizk, I had a preconceived notion that, being a successful, well known, Park Ave plastic surgeon, that you would spend very little time with me and would defer whatever questions or concerns I would have to your nurses, as I have experienced with less qualified physicians. Once again, my expectations couldn't be further from the truth. Not only did you take the time to explain the procedure and the steps involved, you also took the time to ask about my background and occupation which impressed me. You came across like a gentleman who was extremely down to earth making the initial meeting more like a conversation between friends as opposed to a medical consult, which made me feel even more comfortable than I already was.

Last but certainly not least in my book, I met the Anesthesiologist Robert Skolnick, on the day of my surgery. His professionalism and demeanor fell right in line with what I had experienced with the entire staff up to that point which helped to put my last minute nerves at ease. The confidence that your team exudes is incredible.

In regards to the recovery process, it was just how you explained it would be. The surgical tape was removed within a week, and thanks your technique which doesn't require packing, the overall recovery was easy and painless. Aside from a small amount of soreness, it was more than tolerable. My family was astounded at how quickly I recovered and how quickly the swelling went down. As far as receiving the result I wanted, you went above and beyond to produce a very natural look. I cannot tell you how many years I was dealing with obstructed breathing and a nose that made me feel self-conscious. This drastically improved my quality of life by giving me more confidence and allowing me to breathe better. Thanks to everyone at your office for making my experience a great one. I will see you all soon.

Facelift, Nose, Eyes Upper/Lower

5.0 stars

Dear Dr.Rizk,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You have given me what I never thought possible - a natural-looking and beautiful nose for my face. Even more so, with your additional tweaks, you have transformed me into the best possible version of myself. I am truly in awe of your work and your talent. Thank you for given me a level of confidence I never thought possible, and for erasing over ten years of insecurity and disappointment within a few hours. The best part of my two unfortunate rhinoplasties was that they brought me to you, and thus to place I never thought I could be. I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and patience throughout the entire process and for helping me to be the best I can be in every possible way. I feel lucky to have found you - not only as a doctor, but as another genuinely good person in my life. You are the BEST Dr. Rizk, and I am forever indebted to you.

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