NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon

With clay as his mold, Dr. Rizk is a sculptor who began shaping and creating faces as a young child. His love for fine arts extended to a double-board certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. As a surgeon, he merges his artistic skill, eye for detail, and precision to deliver results in both rhinoplasty and facelift procedures.

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About Dr. Rizk

Dr. Samieh (Sam) Rizk is a recognized specialist and master sculptor in facial and reconstructive surgery. He has performed thousands of complex rhinoplasties and facelift procedures. His renowned knowledge and experience are sought-after by patients traveling from beyond the borders of New York for his outstanding surgical skills and patient-centered care. With his background in both fine arts and plastic surgery, he is an ideal choice for those seeking consultations regarding rhinoplasty and surgical procedures affecting the face, eyes, and neck.

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about Dr. Rizk