Our eyes are one of the most prominent features of our faces – now more than ever as we wear a face mask in the street and connect with others via video calling. Along with age and certain lifestyle factors, our eyelids may start to droop, giving an overall tired impression, also called hooded eyes.

There are several procedures on the market to improve hooded eyes, including a brow lift in New York. Double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk explores this procedure and gives some insights.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Droopy eyelids, or hooded eyes, happens when there is excess skin folding down from the brows to the eyelashes. One of the main factors is the degeneration of collagen that comes naturally with aging and causes the skin to sag. Other reasons can be a low positioning of the eyebrow or certain genetic influences. As part of prevention, it is advisable to protect your eyes from direct sunlight by wearing a hat, high-quality sunglasses, and using sun protection that is suitable for the eyes.

Treatment for Hooded Eyes In New York

There are several NYC treatments for hooded eyes. Non-surgical options are Botox or filler treatments. When the excess skin is minimal or the eyebrow position is low, Botox can lift the outer tail of the brow and help straighten the sagging skin. Also, fillers can give a subtle brow lift.

Both of these options give temporary results and need to be repeated after about 6 months. A surgical brow lift would give more permanent results. Dr. Rizk uses an endoscopic, minimally invasive brow lift technique to lift droopy eyebrows that has faster recovery time and causes less scarring.

Can You Fix Hooded Eyes With a Brow Lift?

A brow lift can be an effective treatment for hooded eyes. Especially in case of a low eyebrow position, not too much excess skin, and moderate droopiness. With the procedure, the brow is lifted slightly which creates more space between the brow bone and the eyelashes. This is an excellent treatment with minimal risk and long-lasting, natural results.

However, for heavy eyelids with excessive tissue, a brow lift may not be enough. In this case, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty may give better results. Or a combination of the two procedures. As this depends on your personal situation, it is always wise to book a consultation with a trained professional to explore the options and get the best advice.

When a Brow Lift is Not Enough

Blepharoplasty, better known as eyelid surgery, is the surgical removal of excess skin and fat above (or below) the eyelids). This procedure is to be preferred in case of excess skin or fat. It is one of the most effective and straightforward surgical procedures and gives great natural-looking results.

This NYC procedure is also recommended for people that have impaired vision because of excessive loose skin that hangs over their eyes and partially blocks their view.

Fix Hooded Eyes in New York

So, can you fix hooded eyes with a brow lift? Yes, for some people this may be the perfect procedure to give them a refreshed look and sparkling eyes. For other people, a combination of these procedures or an alternative procedure with eyelid surgery may give better results.

Dr. Sam Rizk is a double-board certified, highly experienced plastic surgeon that customizes his procedures to each individual in his New York office. He is known for this endoscopic brow lift technique as well as his blepharoplasty procedures.

His aim is to provide you with the best fitting long-lasting results with minimal scarring or recovery time. If you wonder which procedure is best to fix your hooded eyes in New York, book a consultation today.