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Each year the tabloids and Twitterverse go into a frenzy over the looks of our favorite stars attending the Oscars. One of the most popular topics is plastic surgery. Who had it? Who looks different or younger? The truth is we never know for sure unless the star in questions fesses up. But that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it!

This year, two actresses in particular garnered a lot of attention for their seemingly different looks at the Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Munn. Let’s take look at what people noticed and discuss whether this means they had plastic surgery.

Jennifer Lawrence

Did Jennifer Lawrence have facial plastic surgery? She sure turned heads on the red carpet at the Oscars, but it wasn’t just because of her beautiful dress. Although her gown certainly was flattering, many observers seemed more struck by how different JLaw looked. From red carpet pundits to publications, everyone was talking about how she may have taken advantage of the many minimally invasive treatments now available, in the days and weeks leading up to the Academy Awards.

Some noted that her face appeared a tad puffy, possibly the result of a minor aftereffect of filler injections in her lips and cheeks. Others speculated that she may even have had cheek implants, or had the buccal fat pads in her cheeks removed. And some believe she may have had hyaluronic acid-based fillers injected into her lower lip for a plumper look.

Is any of it true? Again, we’ll never know unless she tells us.

Olivia Munn

Another celebrity that looked different this year at the Academy Awards was Olivia Munn. From the shape of her face to her complexion and even her eyes, Munn was (together with JLaw) the talk of tinsel town the night of the Oscars.

Refreshingly, Munn decided to address the speculation head-on — and share her beauty secrets — on Instagram. According to Munn, she spent a lot of time researching natural, healthy methods to keep her skin looking young. Below are four ways she claims she enhanced her appearance prior to the Oscars.

  1. Weight loss. According to Munn she lost 12 pounds over the last year training for Xmen. She says she kept the weight off by doing an hour workout a few times per week. The result: a leaner jawline and cheeks.
  1. Brow reshaping. Munn says she does her own brows and used to think she needed to create a high arch; that is, until a facialist told her she was really creating a “frown.” Now, she allows the top of her eyebrows to grow in before plucking the bottom, which gives them a “more horizontal angle” and makes her eyes appear brighter.
  1. Eliminated sunspots. According to Munn, while she loves her freckles, in recent years she noticed that they were blending together to create big, dark spots, which, she points out, can prevent the skin from reflecting light, resulting in a dull complexion. For this reason she began to use @Proactiv Mark Fading Pads. She uses the pads to wipe her face each night, which she claims has given her face has an even tone and made the big spots less noticeable.
  1. Japanese potatoes. You read that right. Munn makes sure to include Japanese potatoes in her diet because they are high in hyaluronic acid, which helps prevent the development of wrinkles. Munn points out that there are hyaluronic acid pills and vitamins on the market, but she believes that consuming foods that contain the wonder ingredient are a better option.

Expert’s Opinion: What Does Dr. Rizk Say?

Dr. Rizk believes that any speculation as to what surgeries or treatments have been performed on a celebrity is just that. While it’s certainly fun to speculate, in the end that’s all we’re really doing. However, what we do know is that celebrities go to great lengths to maintain and enhance their appearance. If you’re interested in knowing how Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn or another celebrity looks so beautiful — and whether you can achieve similar results through facial plastic surgery, or perhaps a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment — contact a board certified facial plastic surgeon in your area today.