Everyone wants to look and feel young, and celebrities are no exception. A youthful appearance can make anyone feel more self-confident. Bu for celebrities it’s more than that, because their looks are also vital to their livelihood and marketability. Most celebrities are aware of this, so if they see that their looks are fading, they are more likely than the average person to get a facelift.


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While we can’t say for sure which celebrities have had facelifts, in some cases it’s pretty obvious. Here are 10 of the most talked-about facelifts in Hollywood.


Most would agree that the material girl has had some work done over the years, including more than one facelift. Now in her 50s, Madonna appears to have fewer wrinkles than she did in years past. Another thing that has caused people to speculate that Madonna has had a facelift is the fact that, in recent years, she has appeared in public looking a bit swollen. We can’t say for sure what was done, but it appears that her face has been lifted, and she may have had cheek implants placed. Others believe she has had more than one mini facelift, along with some injectable dermal fillers and perhaps some Botox® injections.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore has insisted that her steadfast dedication to a strict diet, fitness and yoga regimen is responsible for her youthful looks, and has strongly denied having facial plastic surgery (though she’s admitted to having breast augmentation and other body procedures). While it’s possible that good genes, a healthy lifestyle and some less-invasive treatments like dermal fillers and Botox® injections are behind her youthful visage, if you look closely at photographs of Moore over the years, it would appear she’s had a facelift.

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox is often cited as an example of someone who had a successful facelift. She doesn’t look “overdone” but does appear to have fewer wrinkles. It’s quite possible that Botox® injections are also at least partially responsible for Cox’s lack of wrinkles.

Tara Reid

In contrast to Courteney Cox, Tara Reid is often mentioned as an example of a celebrity who’s had bad luck with plastic surgery. But usually people are referring to the breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures they believe she’s had, because her face actually appears to have less wrinkles and sun damage than it used to. Some believe she had a subtle facelift, among other facial cosmetic procedures.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is something of a poster child for facial plastic surgery gone bad. At least he used to be. It all began after his face became disfigured from his other trade — boxing — and he turned to facial plastic surgery to fix it. At one point Rourke was hardly recognizable to those accustomed to the good looks of his youth. More recently it seems he’s had some good facial plastic surgery, most likely including a facelift.

Angelina Jolie

Even Angelina Jolie, considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful women, is rumored to have had a facelift, not to mention some neck tightening and possibly rhinoplasty and Botox® injections. If she has, she’s had good results. Few would argue that she doesn’t look beautiful.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise looks much the same as he always has, which is precisely why many people suspect he’s had a facelift and other procedures such as dermal filler injections and laser treatments for wrinkles. If he has, the results have been good. He does not look overdone.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein looks more like a cat with each facial plastic procedure she undergoes, including what is believed to be multiple facelifts. Her relationship with plastic surgery supposedly began when she caught her husband cheating. For one reason or another, some say, she turned to plastic surgery to cope. Sadly, it appears she let it go way too far.

Donatella Versace

Noted fashion designer and sister of even-more-noted designer Gianni Versace, Donatella Versace looked better before she started having facial plastic surgery. Her facelift(s) isn’t necessarily the problem, but the rhinoplasty and lip augmentation she appears to have had did not produce aesthetically pleasing results.

Jackie Stallone

Most would agree that Sly’s mother Jackie was relatively attractive when she was younger, but now she’s more of a cautionary tale of what too much plastic surgery looks like. She’s clearly had several bad facelifts.


Dr. Rizk’s Celebrity Facelifts

Surgeons are required to protect all of their patients’ medical information, regardless of whether they’re famous or not. However, because celebrities, socialites and other public figures are so often hounded by the press and paparazzi, their doctors have to work all the harder to protect their information — including any facelifts or other cosmetic surgeries they’ve had.

How does Dr. Rizk serve celebrities and socialites discreetly? For one thing, he does not acknowledge that he knows his celebrity patients in public, as this might tip off the press that he has performed their surgeries. Dr. Rizk also avoids discussing his patients by name with his colleagues. And of course, it goes without saying that he would never post their before and after pictures online. To ensure that no one knows they’re visiting with him, sometimes Dr. Rizk’s celebrity patients use aliases (i.e., fake names) rather than their real names.

These are just some of the many measures taken to protect the privacy of Dr. Rizk’s patients. You too will receive this celebrity treatment if you choose Dr. Rizk to perform your facelift surgery or other cosmetic treatment. To learn more, contact his office today.

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