People contact me with all kinds of concerns relating to facelifts. In this article I will address some of the most common concerns.



Recovering from a facelift is not as bad as some would have you think. For the first few weeks you will wear a loose bandage and will need to keep your head elevated, but after about a week you’ll be able to get your stitches out. Many patients choose to remain indoors for a couple of weeks while they recover, but you will be given makeup to hide any swelling and bruising.



Scars from facelift are usually hidden behind the hairline and facial contours. They will fade gradually. Makeup can go a long way to disguising your scars.


Female facelift before & after - side photos


A “Lumpy” Appearance

It is normal to develop lumpy seromas or fibromas in the weeks after your facelift. They typically dissipate in 1-6 months. If you develop a fever it could be something more serious, such as a hematoma or infection. It is important that you contact your surgeon if you notice any lumps, so that he or she can examine them.



Hematomas are not uncommon after surgeries to the face and neck. They usually develop within 24 hours of surgery. Hematomas are more common in men, and you are more likely to have one if you have high blood pressure, take blood-thinning medication or are a smoker. In some cases a hematoma may develop as a result of vomiting after surgery, because this can place pressure on your incisions. By following my aftercare instructions closely you will reduce your chances of developing a hematoma. Also wear the compression garments provided to you following surgery, and be sure to avoid smoking, taking blood thinners and strenuous movements.


You can expect some swelling and bruising the first few weeks after your facelift, but I take special precautions to minimize these aftereffects. Every person’s experience with facelift is different, but most people actually report a boost in self-confidence thanks to their new appearance. Many people who are unsatisfied with their appearance had unrealistic expectations going into the surgery. The best way to ensure that you will love your results is to choose the right surgeon.

Anesthesia Anxiety

Anesthesia is very safe when administered by a qualified professional. If you will be having general anesthesia, you can rest assured that less general anesthesia is needed with facelift as compared to many other medical procedures, and an anesthesiologist will be present throughout. There are actually many upsides to choosing general anesthesia. For example, it allows you to remain motionless during your procedure and provides more protection (in the form of a breathing tube).

Returning to School/Work

You should plan to take some time off from your everyday life after facelift, but you should be back to work and/or school within about 10 days. Many of my patients choose to take vacation time for their facelift. When they go back to work or school their peers often remark that they look younger, or refreshed.

Choosing the Right Doctor

If you’re concerned about choosing the right surgeon for your facelift, here are some tips. First, make sure to look at patient testimonials and before and after photos. Also make sure that your surgeon has extensive experience performing facelift and shares your sense of aesthetics. Look for a board certified facial plastic surgeon who uses advanced technology and has a reputation for positive results.


It is normal to have some pain following a facelift procedure, but it should not last too long. I will provide you with tips for reducing pain and discomfort, and will prescribe you painkillers, as necessary.



Cost is a definitely a factor, but it should not be the main factor in your decision making. The most important thing is that you achieve a good result. Choosing a discount surgeon is a bad idea, as it may lead to terrible results and may actually end up costing you more in the long run. If you are interested in having a facelift but feel that you cannot afford it, ask a few facial plastic surgeons about your options.


If you have concerns that are not mentioned here, feel free to contact my office for more information.