In a recent captivating plastic surgery podcast episode of ‘Walk This Way‘, Dr. Rizk sat down with host Charlie Walk, providing a captivating glimpse into his proprietary process in modern-day facial plastic surgery.

Listen to the episode here!

Dr. Rizk’s expertise in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty sets him apart as one of the best in the world. With a passion for functional and cosmetic improvements, he highlights nose and neck procedures as his favorite operations.

Dr. Rizk’s Consultation Process

One of the key aspects discussed in this episode is the consultation process with Dr. Rizk. Choosing a specialized surgeon is imperative, and word of mouth can be a valuable resource in making such a decision. Dr. Rizk also employs cutting-edge technology to show patients potential results before they undergo surgery, ensuring clear communication and realistic expectations.

The ‘Picasso of Noses’

Hailed by Walk as the ‘Picasso of noses,’ Dr. Rizk rejects the notion of a ‘generic nose.’ Instead, he emphasizes the deeply personal nature of each nose he sculpts, ensuring that it harmonizes perfectly with the individual patient’s face. This commitment to creating unique and natural-looking results has garnered him immense respect in the field.

Impressively, nearly 50% of Dr. Rizk’s practice involves revision rhinoplasty and revision neck lifts. This speaks volumes about his skill and expertise in correcting and reconstructing previous surgeries to achieve natural outcomes that stand the test of time.

A Personalized and Holistic Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

Throughout the plastic surgery podcast, Dr. Rizk and Charlie Walk touch upon various topics, including rhinoplasty, brow lifts, Dr. Rizk’s perspective on ozempic and metformin, and the significance of feeling good on the inside and outside. This holistic approach to cosmetic surgery sets Dr. Rizk apart from the rest, as he understands the importance of well-being in achieving a truly rejuvenated appearance.

The episode also delves into Dr. Rizk’s revolutionary approach to face and neck lifts, which involves lifting deeper tissues without putting tension on the skin. By focusing on these deeper layers, he can achieve a naturally defined jawline and neck without the artificial appearance that often comes with traditional facelift techniques.

Whether you are a potential patient or simply curious about the world of facial rejuvenation, his episode on the ‘Walk This Way’ podcast is the perfect gateway to discovering the brilliance of Dr. Rizk and his transformative work.