Dr. Rizk was quoted last week in a piece on natural beauty by Medical Daily. With plastic surgery becoming more common, you are likely to have met at least one person who had a procedure done in the past. A recent study suggests natural beautyis preferred by most people. A team of researchers created an image of the ideal human using top rated features. Surprisingly these ideal humans were not deemed as attractive as the researchers predicted. It seems we intuitively recognize that these images are not of real people due to minor inconsistencies and feel less attraction as a result.

With the rise in social media and image awareness, Dr. Rizk reports  a 25% increase in cosmetic surgery over past year and a half to two years. With a background as a sculptor, Dr. Rizk combines his passion for art and cosmetic skills to create facial harmony – a consistent look that allows his patients to become a younger, refined version of themselves without losing their authentic identity.