If you have questions regarding celebrities and plastic surgery, you’re not alone. After all, stories involving celebrities who have “had work done” permeate the Internet and are plastered on the covers of countless magazines.

People ask me a variety of questions regarding celebrities and celebrity nose surgeons. Some of the most common involve the risk of rhinoplasty complications. Below are answers to some of the most common questions.

Are there additional risks associated with rhinoplasty when it’s performed on a celebrity?

The simple answer is no. However, with all the headlines and horrific photographs of celebrities who have supposedly had “botched” plastic surgery procedures, it’s understandable that you might be wondering if there is something wrong with the “celebrity plastic surgeons” performing the procedures.

In reality, these botched or overdone results usually occur when celebrities (and others) have unrealistic goals. For example, it’s one thing to want to improve the appearance of your nose, but it’s another to request the nose of Angelina Jolie. Your nose is exactly that— your nose, not Angelina Jolie’s. As such, the goal should be to improve its look while maintaining facial harmony with the rest of your face. This is not possible if you have someone else’s nose.

Another scenario in which celebrities and others end up with horrible results is when they insist on having additional procedures, including secondary rhinoplasty that are not in their best interests — and when surgeons ill-advisedly agree to perform such procedures. Many of these cases occur when patients turn to disreputable surgeons after being turned down by reputable surgeons who have already performed plastic surgery on them but refuse to perform additional procedures that they deem unadvisable.

The reality is that most celebrities turn to the best nose surgeons for their initial (primary) rhinoplasty procedure. Think about it. Celebrities usually have a lot of money. Would they choose a surgeon who is known to have a track record of risks and complications? Of course not. In fact, the nose surgeons who most often provide surgery to celebrities are those with the best reputations. They are concentrated in large urban areas of the United States, particularly Southern California and the northeast.

Do celebrities have less risk when getting a nose job from a top nose plastic surgeon?

Yes, and so do you. By seeking out a facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, you, celebrities and others increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome. Look for a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with a positive track record who performs nose surgery on a regular basis.


Nose Job before and after side photo


Why does it seem like celebrities recover better and faster than the average person?

Probably because they are able to take off time and “disappear” during the respective recovery period. It may seem like we’re all following every step in the lives of our favorite icons, but if you think about it, it’s not like we see them every day. It’s not hard for a celebrity to “go on vacation” (read: recover from plastic surgery in private) for a couple of months in between filming. And that’s exactly what they do. By the time they appear on your favorite talk show, they look not only recovered but, often, more refreshed or even younger than the last time you saw them.


Does the cost of the rhinoplasty procedure determine the risk?

Not necessarily. However, if you choose a surgeon because his or her services cost less, you are making a big mistake. Cost should never be the primary factor in your decision to have nose surgery. Instead, look for a qualified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in nose surgery. View before and after photos of patients of your ethnic background who look similar to you. Ignore cost until you have narrowed your search to qualified surgeons who have performed surgery on patients like you, with results that appeal to you. If the surgeon you like charges more, so be it. It is far better to save up for a year to have surgery with a top nose surgeon than to have your surgery with an under-qualified surgeon who charges less. If you are interested in having rhinoplasty with a top nose surgeon but feel that you can’t afford it, ask about your options.


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