Nose Reshaping Devices

DIY (Do It Yourself) makeovers and transformations are all the rage these days. Each day, millions of people turn to YouTube and other corners of the Internet for beauty tips and tricks. But it’s important to remember that many of the videos, blog posts and other sources of information on the Internet are posted by non–professionals.

Case in point: Who can forget the so-called Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, in which participants were instructed to place a shot glass over their lips for volume enhancement? Sadly, droves of young women fell for this ill-advised Internet sensation.

And then there was the popular blogger whose “DIY Masques” caused throngs of people to burn their faces earlier this year. (The masques contain cinnamon, which can burn the skin.)

The moral of the story is, don’t attempt any new beauty regimen or DIY method without first consulting a doctor. And more importantly, as obvious as it may sound, never, ever consider DIY plastic surgery! Shockingly, this is a growing trend. DIY nose reshaping devices are just one dangerous example.

Examples of Nose Reshaping Devices

Examples of DIY nose reshaping devices abound. For example, the makers of one pulsating concoction claim they can straighten and lift your nose in just three minutes a day. Simply place the device into your nostrils, with plastic legs extending to the sides, bottom and bridge of the nose. The problem? Like all DIY nose reshaping devices, it’s complete quackery and possibly harmful.

Here are some other examples of ill-advised DIY nose reshaping devices:

The CoCo Nose Job Device

This contraption, which looks like a glorified clothes peg, can give you the nose of a goddess! Not.  At $7.50 it may be tempting, but it doesn’t work.

Nose Secret

According to Nose Secret’s manufacturer, the device will “leave you completely satisfied.” How? Sssshh…it’s a secret…we can’t tell you. However, if the claims on its website are to be believed, the device’s mysterious ways will be uncloaked once you receive the instructions. “It’s a non surgical rhinoplasty effect that meets your expectations and allows you to keep up your daily routine without the recovery period after surgery. A DIY nose job offers you the convenience of giving yourself a natural look without spending a fortune on surgery.” Right.

Hana Tsun Nose Straightener
The name of this Japanese apparatus means something along the lines of “sticking up nose.” For 50 bucks, say the manufacturers, the Hana Tsun Nose Straightener will makes your nose straighter, sharper, more graceful and less round. And if you believe that we’ve got a bridge to Tokyo to sell you.

Dangers of Nose Reshaping Devices

All jokes aside, DIY nose reshaping devices should avoided at all costs. In the best case scenario you are wasting your money, because they do not work. In the worst case you can end up seriously injured or worse. DIY nose reshaping products can interfere with natural development (in teens), lead to permanent bruising, deformities and scars, cause infections or even lead to death.

Consult a Professional for Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) is one of — if not the most — complicated of all plastic surgery procedures, so it is very important that you consult a board-certified facial plastic surgeon if you are considering this procedure.

Most facial plastic surgeons do a residency in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. Others complete a residency in plastic surgery. In both cases they receive extensive rhinoplasty training.

You should look for a surgeon that has an in-depth understanding of the nasal structures, as well as the requisite knowledge to change these structures depending on your needs. Your surgeon’s training should cover both functional issues (i.e., breathing) and aesthetics. He or she should also have hospital privileges and should be dedicated to safety and quality patient care. A good indication of this is advanced equipment such as 3D technology. State-of-the-art technology provides enhanced precision and typically leads to less postoperative downtime.

It’s also a good idea to ask to view patient testimonials, talk to other patients who have received treatment from your surgeon and peruse the surgeon’s before and after photo gallery.

By taking these steps you will be able to determine if the surgeon has a track record of good results.

Whatever you do, don’t go it alone. Avoid DIY nose reshaping advices and instead contact a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.