Teen rhinoplasty is custom-tailored to each patient. As a result, nose surgeons may use any number of techniques when performing the procedure. It all depends on what the patient’s goals and unique nasal structure.

Dr. Rizk completes nose surgery to address a variety of issues in teens. For example, he can remove a bump or hump, reshape the tip, decrease the size of the nostrils or straighten the nose. He can also make a teen’s nose bigger, smaller or more in proportion with the rest of the face. Dr. Rizk can also repair structural problems to improve nasal functions, such as breathing.

Techniques Dr. Rizk Uses to Perform a Teenage Nose Job

The goal of all cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures is to create aesthetic harmony, for a more beautiful appearance. Dr. Rizk uses whichever techniques necessary to achieve this goal. When performing your surgery, Dr. Rizk may make any of the following changes (and/or others), often in combination:

  • Straighten the nose
  • Alter the shape of the tip
  • Adjust internal structures, such as the turbinates
  • Add or remove cartilage
  • Insert nasal grafts
  • Address breathing problems

Dr. Rizk is renowned for the techniques and technologies he uses to promote rapid recovery from teen rhinoplasty. For instance, when performing nose surgery he uses a 3D telescope to get a better view of the internal structures of the nose. He also makes smaller incisions, which allow for greater precision while leaving sensitive blood vessels undisturbed. He leaves the incisions partially open to allow for better drainage. In addition, Dr. Rizk uses special tissue glues and dissolvable sutures, so there is no need for nasal packing. He sculpts at a deeper level than most surgeons, which leads to more-natural-looking results.

Thanks to Dr. Rizk’s advanced techniques, most of his teen rhinoplasty patients look presentable approximately five days after surgery.


When Does Dr. Rizk Recommend a Teen Nose Job?

To qualify for rhinoplasty, a teen’s nose must be fully developed. This is the primary factor that distinguishes teen rhinoplasty from adult rhinoplasty. It is also the most important factor in determining if a teen is an appropriate candidate for rhinoplasty. Dr. Rizk will not perform nose surgery on teenage girls until they are about 15 or 16 years of age. Teenage boys develop slower, so they need to wait until about 17 or 18 years of age before undergoing the procedure. A key detail, whether teen male or female, is that feet must not have changed size for 12 months.


Is Teen Rhinoplasty Different from Regular Rhinoplasty?

Teen rhinoplasty is no different from adult rhinoplasty when performed on appropriate candidates. However, any rhinoplasty procedure is tricky and does have some associated risks. As a result, Dr. Rizk takes special care to ensure that his teen patients have realistic expectations and are ready to have plastic surgery. Nose surgery cannot completely transform a teen’s life.

All teen patients under the age of 18 are required to receive permission from a parent or guardian before moving forward with plastic surgery. Also, if necessary, Dr. Rizk may request that a teen patient meets with a psychologist or psychiatrist prior to surgery. Dr. Rizk will not perform surgery if he suspects that someone other than the patient is the driving force behind the patient’s decision to have rhinoplasty.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with waiting for a couple of years to have the procedure. So, if he has any doubts, Dr. Rizk will recommend that you wait.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Rizk for Teenage Nose Surgery

Dr. Rizk is one of the world’s leading experts in rhinoplasty. As a result, patients travel from across the globe to have nose surgery with him.

A renowned expert in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Rizk focuses exclusively on procedures of the face, with a special focus on rhinoplasty, including teen rhinoplasty. He is renowned for his techniques aimed at rapid recovery and excellent outcomes. Dr. Rizk has extensive experience in facial plastic surgery and has performed thousands of cases. He is committed to patient safety and quality care.

Most patients elect to have teenage rhinoplasty with Dr. Rizk in part because they are impressed by his extensive training and experience. He underwent training at some of New York City’s top hospitals, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. He also completed a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in California.

Dr. Rizk is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. This double-board certification is a rare achievement among surgeons. Obtaining double-board certification is a lengthy, rigorous endeavor that few doctors choose to tackle. In addition to obtaining medical licensure, to obtain board certification a surgeon must receive approval from one of the boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties. Double board-certified surgeons do this twice, which takes years of study and hands-on practice. To maintain board certification, a surgeon must participate in ongoing education, stay up to speed on the latest advancements and undergo ongoing evaluation from the board(s) in question.


To learn more about why Dr. Rizk is the teen rhinoplasty surgeon of choice for so many patients, contact his office today.