Nose jobs are one of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures among celebrities in Hollywood. Here are some of the countless examples of celebrities who have made the decision to have this amazingly transformative procedure.


Britney Spears

Ms. Spears had one of the most successful celebrity rhinoplasties to date. Her current nose looks very similar to her pre-rhinoplasty nose, just a bit smaller. There have been some claims that Spears had a secondary (revision) nose job too, to refine the results of the first procedure.

Ashlee Simpson

Many have speculated that Ashlee’s decision to have a nose job stemmed from self-consciousness around her successful bombshell of an older sister, Jessica. Can you blame her? The results were astounding. Now Ashlee, too, turns plenty of heads in Hollywood.


Jennifer Aniston

While she still looks pretty much the same, the famous former Friends star used to have a slightly larger nose. Ms. Aniston claims she had a nose job for functional (as opposed to cosmetic) motivations.


Scarlett Johansson

Deny it as she may, most people “in the know” believe that Scarlett Johansson underwent rhinoplasty to refine her nasal tip. She always turned heads, but now she’s even more distracting.


Halle Berry

One of Hollywood’s perennial favorites in the “most beautiful” category, Halle Berry once had broader nostrils. Many Hollywood insiders believe Berry’s nose job played a significant role in her landing more movie roles.


Angelina Jolie

Another actress most people include in their list of most beautiful in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie decided to further enhance her model looks by having a subtle nose job. It appears that her surgeon may have altered her nasal tip slightly, and may have reduced the size of her nasal bridge.


Winona Ryder

Look closely at photographs of a younger Winona Ryder and you’ll notice a wider nose.


Here are some other celebrities who most likely have had nose jobs in Hollywood:

  • Jennifer Grey
  • Courtney Love
  • Mickey Rourke
  • Amanda Bynes
  • Ashley Tilsdale
  • Dianna Argon
  • Bruce Jenner
  • Howard Stern
  • Michael Jackson
  • Janet Jackson
  • Kathy Griffin


Why Celebrities Get Nose Jobs

One reason celebrities get nose jobs is because the nose is the most prominent facial feature, and therefore affects the overall appearance of the face. A nose job is one of the most reliable and effective ways for celebrities (and others) to improve their look and gain more self-confidence.

Celebrities also get nose jobs for reasons having to do with the fact that they’re in show business. Like anyone else, they can experience a boost in confidence from a successful plastic surgery result. But because they are in show business, the importance of their looks takes on a new dimension. While appearance can affect anyone’s bottom line, this is particularly true of celebrities. As a result, many celebrities will do whatever they have to enhance their looks — including having rhinoplasty.


Why Do They Keep Their Nose Jobs a Secret?

Celebrities have a number of motivations for keeping their nose jobs a secret. For one, they don’t want the paparazzi hounding them, telling lies about their surgery or distorting the facts. Also, because they depend on their looks for a living they don’t want pictures of them in the initial weeks of recovery — when there is likely to be some swelling and bruising — popping up online or in entertainment magazines.

For all these reasons and others, many celebrities will do everything in their power to keep their surgery a secret. Some even some use aliases to protect their privacy.

One thing just about all celebrities do to keep the paparazzi off their trail is to choose a surgeon who really knows how to protect their privacy. While all surgeons are required by law to maintain their patients’ privacy, some are better at it than others, and will go out of their way to keep their patients’ surgeries a secret. A surgeon who is accustomed to working with celebrities knows not to acknowledge them if they run into them at a party or charity event, for example. Another effective method to safeguard the privacy of celebrities is to operate at a facility with multiple entrances and a private parking lot. This way, no one sees who comes in and out.


Choosing the Right Surgeon

Like any nose job, a successful celebrity nose job is one that looks natural and in proportion to the other facial features. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, you have a better chance of achieving this if you choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in nose surgery.

Dr. Rizk is one such surgeon. He has extensive experience performing nose jobs on all types of patients, from American and international celebrities to the average the Joe.


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