Female after Rhinoplasty - result


When choosing a surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty, you want to make sure you are not going to just anyone. Ethnic rhinoplasties are no different. In fact, ethnic rhinoplasty patients tend to be even more meticulous when picking a doctor to perform their nose job, so as to avoid having a nose that looks too fake or operated. But, the search for the ideal plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty does not end there. An accomplished candidate for your nose job is also a facial plastic surgeon, reconstructing and redesigning the nose in a way that yields the most natural, beautiful results. Dr. Rizk is just that.


Though each individual nose is unique, a person’s ethnic background can say a lot about the shape, size, and structure of their nose. There are certain common characteristics that define an ethnic nose that are often pre-determined by a person’s genetic makeup, and Dr. Rizk knows that.  A Middle Eastern nose, for example is often described as being relatively wide, often with a slight droop or a bulbuous look around the tip. Middle Eastern patients also often seek Dr. Rizk’s help in correcting a nose that is marked by an unsightly hump or bump, which can minimize the function of the nasal airways and can detract from a person’s appearance.


As this kind of judgment may seem a bit stereotypical and narrow, it is important for a rhinoplasty surgeon to be aware of these cultural distinctions and to adjust his or her practice and technique accordingly. This is precisely what distinguishes Dr. Rizk in the field of rhinoplasty and Middle Eastern nose jobs. He has an eye for reshaping a Middle Eastern nose without sacrificing his patients’ ethnic characteristics and making them look too “Western.” He will make sure that your new look conforms to your standard of beauty, constructing your nose within your particular interests while keeping in mind that each nose is different and requires a new approach. It is no wonder why patients fly from around the world to meet Dr. Rizk in his New York City office.


Dr. Rizk has mastered the art of the ethnic rhinoplasty, and is considered to be among the best Middle Eastern rhinoplasty surgeons in New York. He has the knowledge and expertise necessary to guarantee that your new nose is in harmony with of your particular ethnic identity and the cultural implications that may come with it. Dr. Rizk has seen and operated on hundreds of Middle Eastern patients, changing their appearances to make the nose more aligned with the rest of the facial features. His patients often report feeling a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence after a Middle Eastern nose job, a feat that Dr. Rizk takes great pride in.


Dr. Rizk has, through his years of practice, gathered an extensive compilation of before-and-after photos of Middle Eastern nose surgery patients he has treated. Take a look and see what a Middle Eastern nose job by Dr. Rizk can have in store for you. For a direct link to the gallery, click here.