When the sinuses are blocked, mucous collects, builds up, and can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms. These may include headaches, breathing problems, excessive drainage from the nose (rhinorrhea) or into the throat (post-nasal drip), and other issues.



Those suffering from chronic sinusitis may require a procedure called functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). During this procedure, Dr. Rizk inserts a small telescope with a high-definition camera into the nose. This scope projects an image onto a TV screen so that Dr. Rizk can see if the sinus openings are blocked or narrowed. If so, Dr. Rizk uses special instruments to enlarge the openings. (The word “functional” is used because FESS enlarges the existing openings — and thus the function of the sinuses — as opposed to creating new ones.) If necessary, a 3D computer tomography (CT) system may be used to see all of the sinuses and the structures surrounding them.

By enlarging the sinus openings, functional endoscopic sinus surgery by Dr. Rizk allows the sinuses to begin draining naturally again.


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