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Mid Facelift vs. Regular Facelift: Learn The Differences

The main difference between a mid facelift and a regular (full) facelift is the degree of invasiveness.

A mid facelift is intended to improve the appearance of lines extending from the nose to the mouth, as well as saggy cheeks. It is often performed on patients in their 40s or 50s who are experiencing sagging cheeks, skin folds and nasolabial laxity.

Typically, small incisions are made at the hairline and in the mouth, and a layer of fat over the cheekbones is lifted. When performed as a standalone procedure, a mid facelift can sometimes be done endoscopically or through the lower eyelid. Sometimes it is included in deep plane and SMAS facelifts because these procedures lift all areas, including the mid-face area.

Many patients opt for a mid facelift because it is less invasive than a regular facelift, and therefore involves less risk and downtime. However, the results are not as dramatic as though achieved through a full facelift.

A full facelift is a very invasive procedure intended for people with major volume loss in the mid-face. It is good for counteracting the long-term effects of gravity and aging. Candidates typically have deep lines, loose neck skin and muscles, as well as jowls. During a regular facelift, larger incisions are made, and facial fat as well as muscles are lifted and then sutured to underlying structures.

Speak with a qualified facial plastic surgeon to learn more about the differences between a mid facelift and a regular facelift.

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