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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Many individuals who are interested in undergoing rhinoplasty wish to make changes to the appearance of their nasal tip. Even a small change to the nasal tip can make a huge difference in the overall look of the nose. The area is an extremely important feature of the nose, thus many doctors find nasal tip refinement to be a challenging aspect of rhinoplasty. Our New York doctor has the experience and skills required to provide patients with a nasal tip that better complements their nose and face.

Dissatisfaction with the nasal tip is one of the most common reasons patients seek a rhinoplasty. Common complaints include an overly round or bulbous tip, a drooping tip, and an overall lack of definition and refinement. In some cases, a tip may not project enough or at an aesthetic angle from the nose. Nasal tip refinement can help provide a patient with a more elegant or balanced look, while nose tip reduction can help the nose to harmonize with other facial features. Older patients often seek to lift a sagging nasal tip, one of the most apparent effects of aging on the face. To achieve the desired outcome, a surgeon must take several factors into consideration. In order for the nose to appear natural, a natural transition must exist between the facial profile and the nasal tip. Additionally, the natural angle between the nose and forehead must be achieved or maintained. It takes careful planning and the use of 3D visualizations to ensure that the outcome will appear natural and balanced on the patient’s unique face.

Nasal tip refinement can be performed during an open or closed rhinoplasty. Your doctor will determine the best approach based upon the modifications you have requested. In NYC, our surgeon uses a variety of techniques to make changes to the nasal tip. He may use sutures to narrow the tip and increase definition. Another common approach in nasal tip refinement is the use of cartilage grafts, taken from the patient’s own body. Grafts can be placed to straighten the sides of the nose, improving the appearance of a bulbous or overly rounded nose. In some cases, trimming and reshaping the underlying cartilage and tissues can provide an excellent outcome for the patient. Changes to other parts of the nose may be made at the same time. Recovery from a nose tip reduction or modification is similar to that of any other rhinoplasty performed by our doctor in New York.

If you are seeking changes to your nasal tip, it is very important to identify a doctor who is skilled and experienced in performing rhinoplasty on this part of the nose. Be sure to view before and after photos to ensure that you and your surgeon share a similar aesthetic when it comes to the appearance of the nasal tip. We are conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan – contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

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