Over the past decade, celebrity chef and expletive artiste Gordon Ramsay has been the subject of constant gossip regarding his facial appearance. And it makes sense. Who in the public eye has more wrinkles, furrows, and lines than our culinary buddy from across the pond?

If we’re to believe Ramsay, he was fine with his appearance until his kids joined the chorus of chatty critics. So what did he do about it? Has he had facial cosmetic surgery? Read on to learn more.

How Does Gordon Ramsay Look Different?

Over the years Ramsay may have had several procedures, but what stands out as different is the lack of horrific creases on his chin and wrinkles on his forehead. No one had deeper chin grooves or forehead furrows, but now they appear far less prominent in photos from the red carpet and other public appearances. Overall he looks much less weather-beaten and more refreshed.

What Procedures Did Ramsay Undergo?

Let’s start with what the star chef admits to. So far, to our knowledge, the only thing he has fessed up to is laser treatment on his chin; presumably to smooth over the area that, previously, looked more like gravel road than facial skin. Ramsay claims this was done to make him appear less threatening on TV.

“It took four minutes each side,” he said several months later. “No one noticed until I mentioned it. When you don’t say anything you’re classified as a liar, so you can’t win. It’s got me more s*** in the past six months.”

But he scoffed at the idea that he had additional treatments and felt similarly about having more work done in the future.

“Am I going to have any more work done?” he pondered. “Of course I’m not going to have any more f***ing work done. The amazing guy who did it said to me, ‘Let’s get one thing right. I am not, under any circumstances, ever going to touch that forehead.’”

But since then his forehead does indeed seem to have changed in appearance. Sorry, Gordon. Maybe this time it’s the result of the heavy-handed makeup regimen so apparent in recent appearances, but there’s no denying that you look a tad more refreshed.

Why More Males Are Having Cosmetic Procedures?

Is Gordon Ramsay emblematic of a trend? Yes. Gone are the days when women made up the entire clientele of spas and plastic surgery clinics. In recent years men of all ages have been seeking cosmetic improvement. For younger men it’s often limited to treatments like facials, mani-pedis, and eyebrow waxing, while for older men it runs the gamut.

Most cosmetic surgeons believe that America’s youth-driven culture is a big factor in this phenomenon, but so too is a growing comfort on the part of men with the idea of focusing on their looks. This changing attitude toward cosmetic enhancement among men has meant that more of them are visiting plastic surgery centers. This is especially true of baby boomers who feel younger than they look or want to compete with younger men in the job market.

How Has the Number of Male Cosmetic Procedures Grown?

Dr. Sam Rizk’s experience with male plastic surgery is consistent with the overall trend. In his practice, Dr. Rizk has noticed an uptick in the number of men requesting eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and facelift in particular, but rhinoplasty has also become quite popular.

Like women, men are now seeking eyelid surgery when their eyelids begin to sag as a consequence of aging. This operation, which may be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids, is an effective means of rejuvenating the eye area.

Facelift, another increasingly popular procedure among men, enhances the facial and neck appearance by reducing or completely eradicating saggy skin and wrinkles.

Rhinoplasty, i.e. a nose job, improves the nasal appearance by altering its size and/or shape. The procedure is also performed to improve breathing.

And let’s not forget all of the amazing minimally invasive facial cosmetic treatments now available to men and women alike, namely skin rejuvenation treatments like laser resurfacing and injectables such as Juvederm and Botox. Fat reduction treatments and tattoo removal are also very popular among men these days.

To learn more about what cosmetic enhancements are available to men, contact the office of Dr. Rizk today.

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