The life and times of so-called “human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova have been well documented in recent years. Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model who earned her moniker thanks to her uncanny resemblance to the famous doll. Her “doll eyes” and seemingly impossible proportions and body contours immediately sparked an Internet sensation after she posted photos and videos of herself on the Internet. Lukyanova’s look has since inspired scores of admirers, detractors and even copycats worldwide.

From the beginning, media outlets have scrutinized Lukyanova’s every move, with some suggesting that her looks were a hoax created through the help of Photoshop, and others castigating her as a prime example of the unfortunate consequences of female objectification in the media. In response, Lukyanova has posted videos online — some without makeup — and appeared in several interviews.

What Procedure(s) Did She Have Done?

Interestingly, much of Lukyanova’s look is achieved through an intensive makeup regimen as well as special contact lenses — both aimed at accentuating her saucer-shaped eyes. She has stated that her appearance is mostly natural, and she does not believe that she resembles Barbie. She claims that other than her body and hair color, her looks have not changed much at all since her teenage years. In part, Lukyanova chalks up her appearance to the fact that she does not smoke or drink. (In fact, at one point she went so far as to attempt surviving solely on water and air.)

Of course, just about anyone that has paid any attention to her story is skeptical, including many plastic surgeons. Surgeons have pointed out several areas of her face and body that have likely been altered. While the appearance of her eyes is largely due to her complex makeup routine, other areas are questionable.

The narrow bridge (dorsum) of her nose is particularly suspect. A nose appears natural when it is in harmony with other facial features such as the lips, cheeks, and chin. In contrast, Lukyanova’s nose looks thin in proportion to the other features of her face. In all likelihood, a plastic surgeon created this look by removing or shaving the cartilage of her septum and possibly even raising the nasal bridge by adding a nose graft.

In addition, her waist looks like it has been altered through body contouring. The only procedure she has admitted to is breast augmentation.

Why Celebs Deny It

People decide to have plastic surgery for many reasons. Some desire a change in the contours of certain facial features or body parts, while others want to rid themselves of excess fat. But, unfortunately, too many celebrities and other plastic surgery patients try to disguise the fact that they have had surgery.

In Lukyanova’s case, she not only denies having had multiple cosmetic surgeries but also dislikes the moniker “human Barbie doll” and considers it degrading. According to her, she has had breast enhancement, but the rest of her body is natural and her curves and contours are a result of hitting the gym daily as well as her diet. (During one well-documented stint, Lukyanova claimed to subsist solely on water and air.)

This denial is unfortunate but, sadly, Lukyanova is not alone in this respect. Despite the fact that millions of people have cosmetic surgery each year, many people continue to feel embarrassed or that they need to justify their decision to others.

Some don’t want others to know that they don’t appear that way naturally. Others are embarrassed because of the reactions of family, friends, co-workers or others. It’s true that cosmetic treatments tend to attract attention from gossipy co-workers and the like. It’s up to you how you want to handle such reactions, but one thing is for sure — you do not need to feel embarrassed. You probably look better than the chatty Cathys anyway, so don’t sweat it!

Have More Questions? Talk to Dr. Sam Rizk

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