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Plastic surgery for Men in NYC

Male face, Before and After Plastic Surgery Treatment, left side view, patient 1 Male face, Before and After Plastic Surgery Treatment, right side view, patient 1
Male face, Before and After Plastic Surgery Treatment, left side view, patient 1 *Results may vary. View More Photos
Male face, Before and After Plastic Surgery Treatment, right side view, patient 1 *Results may vary. View More Photos

In recent years, there has been a major increase in male aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery. Whether a business man, gym aficionado or retiree, men are just as concerned about their self-image as women. For many years, the focus has been on women when it comes to plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic enhancements, but times are quickly changing. With recent advancements, the implementation of less invasive and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, men also have quite a few options to slow down the inevitable signs of aging.

Facial rejuvenation for men is not about looking much younger than your actual age, rather, it is about enhancing your natural appearance and maintaining your skin's health. Just like you would visit the gym regularly to maintain your fitness level, a proper anti-aging routine also benefits from regular visits to the plastic surgeon.

Among the main trends we are seeing for guys is the desire to erase years of aging from the neck, rejuvenate baggy eyelids and alter the shape of the nose. Currently, rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is among the most common procedures for men under 40. Men are not as focused on fillers and Botox as women are, but are bothered by tired looking eyes and lax skin beneath the neck and jawline. Dr. Rizk recommends several minimally invasive procedures to combat these cosmetic issues. These treatments remedy aesthetic concerns while offering short recovery time and no scars. In addition, they offer long-lasting results with rapid healing. Dr. Rizk's main concern for his male patients is to address aesthetic concerns swiftly with natural, realistic results.

Male rhinoplasty surgery is becoming more and more popular as men are prone to nasal injuries from sports and tend to have added breathing problems from these injuries. They typically ask for more subtle improvements in their nasal appearance and also want to improve their breathing. Those with a history of sports-related-injuries usually have a deviated septum as well. Some have collapses in certain parts of their nose from previous trauma, which can also affect their breathing, in addition to the deviated septum. The so-called saddle nose deformity, which is more common in male noses, can result from this history of trauma and can be corrected with various cartilage grafts.

For baggy lids, Dr. Rizk employs a scarless approach by placing a precise incision on the lower lid. By using fine instruments, Dr. Rizk extracts a precise amount of excess fat to even-out the contour of the delicate eye area. In certain cases, Dr. Rizk can implement a hyaluronic acid based filler to smooth out the tear trough area, or hollows that cast a darkened shadow on the eye region.

Dr. Rizk's advanced rapid recovery neck lift is tailored to the needs of his male executive clients who need to be back in the office within a week's time. Dr. Rizk employs small, precisely hidden incisions that are specifically placed so as to not disrupt the natural hairline. With the assistance of a high-definition telescope, Dr. Rizk can efficiently lift the tissues to design a smoother neck contour by avoiding the use of uncomfortable drainage tubes. With a specialized technique, modernized tissue glue adhesives and an almost bloodless method, Dr. Rizk greatly cuts down on bruising and bleeding common in male plastic surgery procedures.

Men are typically uncomfortable discussing the work they have had done, and do not normally disclose their procedures with friends, family or colleagues. Dr. Rizk's advanced techniques produce impressive and natural results while still allowing for a degree of discretion. Dr. Rizk's fully accredited surgical recovery neck lift is safety performed at his fully equipped surgical suite. Patients can expect to be home the same day, with adequate private nursing care needed to recover optimally. In many cases, patients are back to work and back at the gym within a week of their procedures, without anyone knowing they have had work done.

Written by Dr. Sam Rizk

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