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The shape and position of the eyebrows change with age, gender and ethnicity. The ideal position of the eyebrows in women has traditionally been a subject of debate. It is argued that that the ideal apex of the feminine eyebrow should lay at the lateral limbus or later corner. According to the current trend, it appears that the apex of the ideal feminine eyebrow ought to placed in the lateral corner in order to avoid a more startled “look”.6 However, in the case of women, the authors appear the lateral limbus to place the ideal apex of the eyebrow. Apart from this, the arch of the eyebrow must be situated 1cm from the bony supraorbital rim. The medial and lateral extremities of the eyebrow should start and finish at the same horizontal level. The lateral segment of the eyebrow should end at a line that connects the tip of the bridge of the nose to the lateral corner and should start from a vertical line from the medial corner or from the rim of the tip of the nose (Figure 17.4). The medial segment of the eyebrow should be full, but tapering laterally. Also, changes can be made to the aesthetics of the eyebrow in a way that enhances the shape of the nose. One can make a narrow nose appear bigger if the eyebrows are placed further apart and are not very arched. Conversely, a big nose can appear narrower if the eyebrows are placed closer together and if the medial rim is square, and not round. The average height of the feminine forehead (from the eyebrow to the “top of the forehead”) should be between 5 and 6cm. 2,7 When the

aesthetic eyebrow - figure

Figure 17.4 An aesthetic eyebrow. A-B=the lateral segment of the eyebrow is at the same level or above the medial segment. C-D= the apex of the eyebrow and is at the lateral limbus of the iris or at the intersection of the medial two thirds and laterally to the eyebrow. A-E= the head of the medial segment of the eyebrow starts at the vertical line that is extended from the bridge of the nose. B-E= the lateral segment of the eyebrow can be extended up to the line traced from the bridge of the nose through the lateral corner of the eye. (Gunter Jp, Antrobus SD. Plastic Reconstr Surg 1997; 99[7]:1808)

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