As with any medical issue, addressing the matter of impaired breathing caused by something related to the nose depends on the patient and his or her specific circumstances.

Patients with breathing problems caused by a severely deviated septum (50% or more) may benefit from a procedure called septoplasty. This procedure is sometimes combined with rhinoplasty or sinus surgery.



In many cases, patients’ breathing problems are caused by polyps or by enlargement of nasal tissues called turbinates. These issues may stem from allergies, in which case allergy testing, antihistamines or nasal steroid sprays (which shrink the nasal tissue) may be helpful. Some patients may benefit from procedures such as endoscopic sinus surgery (to drain the sinuses) or turbinate reduction.

Lastly, “functional” rhinoplasty techniques aimed at improving breathing may be helpful to certain patients. These may include surgery to correct an anterior septal deviation, spreader grafts to address internal valve narrowing, techniques to correct external valve collapse or other procedures.


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